Bathtub Self-Love Meditation

This self-love meditation is a beautiful daily practice that nourishes your whole body with love. It's designed to take you on journey through your body, deeply listening along the way. As you listen to yourself in this loving state notice how nourishing it feels. You are simply being with your body in a state of love. You deserve all the love you give so freely to others.

bathtub self love meditation

Relax comfortably in your bathtub. Close your eyes and settle into your body, taking deep breaths and letting go of what happened today with each exhale.

Come into the present moment and gently wiggle your hips, making adjustments to relax your body more deeply. Feel yourself relaxing more with every breath.

Now bring attention to your baby toe. With all of your attention, focus on your toe and really feel it. Wiggle it a bit to get even more sensation into your toe. Notice how it feels: feel the skin, bones, and muscles.

Move to your left baby toe with the same attention, and then bring your awareness to all of your toes on each foot. Feel the life and energy in your toes and as you wiggle them, feel how responsive they are.

Bring awareness to both of your feet. Feel the power of your feel and arches, all of the bones and muscles, your ankles. As you feel this, thank your feet and toes for all that they do for you. Is there anything they want you to know? Listen for a moment and notice if you get any signals.

Now feel this attention and appreciation move up your ankles and into your legs. Feel the muscles and bones in your calves, shins, knees, and thighs. Feel the warmth and circulation of your blood. Now move your attention to your hips, where your leg bones attach to your pelvis. Take a moment to feel your feet and legs together. Relax them and give them love and gratitude for carrying you through life. Is there anything your legs want to tell you? Listen for any signal that comes.

Move your focus from your legs to your pelvis, lover abdomen, and buttocks. Notice the bones and how they support you. Feel the energy of love surrounding and nourishing this area of your body, bathing your sex organs and nourishing your intestines. Feel the powerful protection from the bones and muscles in your lower body and lower back. You may feel a difference in the energy of the bones, muscles, tissue, and organs. Bathe them in your love and ask them what they want you to know. Remember, you are not here to fix, change, or figure anything out, just to listen with love.

Now bring your attention to your abdominal area, just before your chest. Feel the strong bones of your spinal cord, up the back of your body. Feel the soft tissue, muscle, and digestive organs. Place your hands on your abdomen, near your belly button, and surround it with love, feeling your breath moving your hand up and down. As you touch your abdomen, thank it and feel the warmth of that love spread. Let your body know you are ready to digest life with ease. Ask your abdomen and chest what it wants you to know.

Now bring your hands to your chest and connect to your heart. Feel your heart pumping with love and strength, bathing your body with nourishing blood. Acknowledge your heart with love and ask what it wants you to know.

As you move your attention upward, feel your shoulders, arms, hands, neck, throat, jaw, face, ears, eyes, and right up to the top of your head. Relax this whole area. Relax your shoulders, arms, hands, neck, jaw, and mouth. Relax your scalp, forehead and ears. Relax your mind. Allow any tightness or burdens to release as you exhale. Bring in love and relaxation as you inhale, and feel it spreading throughout the area of your body. Now ask, "What do you want me know?"

As you bring awareness to your whole body, every part, inside and out, tell your body, "I want to know you more. I want to love you more. I am ready to listen. I'm doing my best to listen. It's okay if it takes time. Thank you, body, you are a masterpiece. I know you love me and are always protecting me. I know you know how to heal. Is there anything else you want me to know right now? Thank you, body, I love you, body."

The more you practice listening to your body, the more your body will share it's messages with you. Remember, every story your body has to tell you is part of your love story. Your body always keeps you safe and guides you. Together, you know what true love is, and together you heal. The more you listen, the more you can nourish yourself in all ways. Your body will love this bathtub meditation that focuses on loving yourself.

You deserve time to connect with your body and be in deep relaxation. Consider a bathtub yoga routine to stretch out your body, as movements in the water can be soothing. It’s a nice break from your everyday life routine. Your body and mind deserves this wonderful time in the tub.

Bathtub Self-Love Meditation
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