Bathtub Meditation

A bathtub can be a lovely place to meditate, as the hot water slows down the parasympathetic nervous system, making it easier to breathe deeply. It’s also a form of self-love, as any connection with water can soothe your soul. Water is fluid energy and is in constant motion. Spending time around water can get your inner creative juices flowing and open-up your sacral chakra.

bathtub meditation

Set up a beautiful environment for your bathtub meditation, like a sanctuary for your own pleasure. Switch off your phone for no interruption, light some candles, and use some scented bubble bath or use some essential oils, like lavender. Set aside around 15 minutes for your relaxing meditation.

Close your eyes and clear your head of any thoughts, worries or concerns of the day, and just enjoy the warmth of the water. Imagine yourself floating in the ocean with the hot sun on your body, feeling the movements of the water on your skin. Make your senses feel delighted and charmed with the water.


Begin to focus on your breathing, taking deep and slow breaths, allowing your belly to rise and fall with each breath, instead of your shoulders or chest.

Inhale slowly for five seconds, hold your breath for five seconds, then slowly exhale out. Repeat this a few times, until you feel fully relaxed.

Focus on Sensations

Focus your attention on your body, the physical sensations that you feel, the warmth of the water on your skin, the pressure of the tub against your back. Think about how the water feels against your skin. Think about your body too, if there are any tense muscles. Let them relax and slowly drift away in the water.

Focus on the present moment of your surroundings. If your mind drifts to any past or future thoughts, just direct your attention back to the present moment. Notice how soothing the water is on your skin, and how grateful you are to have time for yourself, time for self-love.

Try out this beautiful bathtub self-love meditation to really focus on nourishing your whole body with love. You deserve all the love that you give so freely to others.

You deserve time to connect with your body and be in deep relaxation. Consider a bathtub yoga routine to stretch out your body, as movements in the water can be soothing. It’s a nice break from your everyday life routine. Your body and mind deserves this wonderful time in the tub.

Bathtub Meditaion
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