Badass Body Goals

The Badass Body Goals Journal by Habitnest is like your personal booty trainer in a book. It's a beautiful journal that comes with a pink resistance band to do the exercises with. It's a self improvement journal that helps you achieve your body shaping goals. If you are looking to lose weight and give shape to certain parts of your body, mainly your booty, then this is for you.

Badass Body Goals

Having healthy habits in your life that are ongoing are helpful to see results and success in achieving anything. When it comes to fitness, being consistent and having a routine is important to change your body and maintain your weight.

I'm loving how this journal has different sets of exercises that you can do at home or at the gym a few days a week. You can keep track of your progress. It's a great way to motivate you to keep going and never give up.

Everyone wants a round booty, so there are specific sets of exercises that focus on building all your glute muscles and giving you curves.

This journal would be a great gift for any fitness enthusiast or anyone who wants to lose weight or get a curvy body. It's a pretty little pink journal...

Check out habitnest.com to see their collection of motivating journals, or shop for the Badass Body Goals Fitness Journal and enjoy your amazing beautiful body.

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