The Art of Palm Reading

Palm reading or palmistry has evolved from once being a myth from gypsy fortune tellers and old Indian legends. However, today, palm reading has become a science wherein the basics taught the fascinating world of retelling the story of someone else's life just by taking a look at their hand. Although it's never been a formal form of paranormal activity like fortune telling or mind reading, the reading of palms can be quite an education.

palm reading

The Basics in Reading Palms

The lines of the hand are the most basic in palm reading. Basic lines on the palm of a hand include the heart line, for matters of the heart; the head line, consisting of indicators of how the person's mind works; and the life line, which, contrary to what many believe, does not stand for the length of the person's life but for the changes, events and injuries that may be experienced by the palm-owner.

Reading the Hand

Reading palms is not just about looking at a person's hands and seeing the lines. Aside from lines, palm readers are also conscious about the hand - its shape and size, texture and even the color of the fingers are classified into the earth, fire, air or water hand.

The type of hand a person may have tells the reader more about the person; their personality and characteristics, the kind of person they might want to be and even the things they might be interested in. For example, a person with a long middle finger considers life to be very serious and those who have long little fingers bear high IQs. Even the fingernails of a person may give clues on a person's personality and even health. Broad fingernails explain a hot temper, while those who have narrow fingernails are selfish.

Prints are also part of the essential study of a palm reader. The different loops and strokes in a hand or finger display various meanings. Loop prints on the palm say one's positive communication skills with others and whorls usually mean talent.

Understanding the Difference between Palm Reading and Fortune Telling

While fortune telling involves the telling of a person's possible future, palm reading is more into the telling of what has happened to the person in the past. The person's personality, characteristics, traits, experiences - these will all appear on a person's hand. The lines may indicate possible future scenes especially for lines such as the travel line and the union line, but this is the only time palmistry will involve any future happenings during the reading.

The Benefits of Palm Reading

Palm reading can help give direction to a person's life. Readers can see their strengths, personalities and in turn, people have the chance to know who they really are, making it easier for them to see the right path for themselves. While it is not meant to be relied on for life changing decisions, palmistry can help in finding purpose in life. Once they have an idea about themselves, they can use this to help make the right decisions and play their strengths for the benefits of their future.

Palm reading is an interesting study of the hand that involves the lines, the prints and even the built of the hand. Some may believe in this art, but ultimately, no one can truly predict the future. The art of palm reading can be practiced as a simple guide and caution, but to rely on it for the future may only be dangerous and passive for any person.

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