Andrew Zubriczky

Benefits of Green Algae

Andrew Zubriczky shares with us how Marine Phytoplankton, which is known as green algae from the sea, is the most densest and richest nutritional food source on the planet.

Water, Naturally our most Precious Resource

Water has memory, as it retains its content like a cloud in the clear blue sky. Andrew Zubriczky explains how water is our most precious resource and will become the final "cure-all" this twenty first century.

Yin Yoga Beats Alternative Medicine

Yin yoga has long lasting benefits, as the postures are held longer, allowing you to create stronger muscles, endurance and flexibility, which beats alternative medicine to make you live longer.

Yoga for Men: The Times are Changing

Men are now flocking yoga studios in Toronto more than ever, as they realize yoga is more than just gazing at all the beautiful eye candy of the opposite sex, as they stretch and turn.

Yoga, its History & True Philosophy

Some Yoga purists, those that pursue a more spiritual path, are abhorrently repulsed by what Yoga has become today, with celebrities making it 'the thing to do'. Written by: Andrew Zubriczky.