Amanda Whittal

Amanda Whittal is a certified natural health practitioner and yoga instructor. She was trained in holistic therapies at the Transformational Arts College of Toronto, including practices of nutrition, energy healing (reiki, chakra healing) and bodywork (massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, herbal studies), and has an HBsc in psychology from the University of Toronto.

She studied yoga and spirituality at Kripalu Center in Massachusetts, the largest yoga center in North America, as well as with Deepak Chopra. The combination has created a foundation of skills and knowledge that help create unity and balance for her clients and students in mind, body and spirit.

Yoga as a Tool to say 'Yes' to Life

Your yoga practice is an opportunity to become more aware of the sensations and rhythm of life: the physical response of your body and the state of your emotions.

Yoga: A Simple Reminder

Your yoga practice, when done mindfully, can serve to develop an ever-increasing awareness that moves beyond the mat to infuse each moment, never separate from daily life.

Is Toronto Becoming More Spiritual?

Is Toronto becoming more spiritual? Amanda Whittal investigates the soul of our beloved city and what is meant by 'spiritual'? What is it that has occurred recently to spark this discussion?

Partner Yoga: A Deeper Connection or a Money Grab?

Partner yoga is more than just a marketing scheme. You are establishing a deep connection. Find out how the joy of another's presence can expand your relationships.

A Yogic & Holistic Perspective

Amanda Whittal shares with us the notion of the human soul. Find out some insight and philosophical talk on the question 'who are we?' from a yogic and holistic health perspective.

Power of Present Moment Awareness

Amanda Whittal shares with us how to discover the power of the present moment. The mountains truly are only as high as the valleys are low... and the peaks of the mountains are well worth the journey.

Practical Benefits of Yoga off the Mat

Yoga helps us recognize our habits, good and bad, and allows us enhance the positive ones, while releasing the non-supportive ones. Find out the practical benefits of yoga off the mat.

Transitioning from Winter to Spring

Here is a truly fascinating view of the changes of the seasons from a yogic angle. Find out the connection between the transition from winter to spring in relation to the changes of our personal worlds.

Spring - Understanding Holistic Health

During the spring season we intuitively feel the urge to venture out more, eat lighter foods, and become more active. Flourish this spring with new health, vitality and discovery with Holistic Health.

Change Yourself, Change the World

As individuals seeking to improve ourselves mentally, physically and emotionally through yogic or other lifestyles, we are indeed engaging in the first crucial step towards making our world a better place.

Christmas, Meet Buddhism

It is no secret that in our consumer-based society, Christmas has been twisted and exploited to the benefit of business, leaving a sad shell of its true roots. Find out how to take the Buddhist or Yogic approach to Christmas.

A New Perspective on the Common Cold

Illness is often a sign from our body that we are out of balance. When a cold begins to come on, do you notice and heed your body's warnings? or do you keep pushing on with your tasks and ignore it?

Western Adaptation of Yoga

The western adaptation of yoga and holistic healing is still in its infancy, and quite superficial. People go for relaxation and to feel good, but usually miss, or are not even introduced to the deeper changes.

Benefits of Meditation

Learn how the power of meditation can have a positive impact on your life. Once you've mastered true meditation, the benefits will reveal themselves, stress will decrease and your overall health and vitality will improve.

Keeping a Light Heart

When learning to embrace a yogic lifestyle, balance and acceptance are emphasized. When it doesn't turn out according to our expectations, we feel a state of disharmony. Learn how to keep a light heart.

Our World. Our Vitality.

We are constantly seeking to feel whole and complete on all levels of our being. Our persistent attempts at attaining a sense of happiness and vitality have profound implications on our world.