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Practice Yoga with a Loved One

Practicing yoga with a loved one can help you learn to focus in the present moment, trust your partner, and feel the bond to empathize with each other verbally, physically, and emotionally. Find out how partner yoga can improve and spice up your relationship.

See Practice Yoga with a Loved One.

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Feng Shui with Karen Rauch Carter

I got the pleasure of speaking to Karen Rauch Carter, a Feng Shui master and consultant. Feng Shui is basically arranging your stuff in your living space in certain ways to gain positive results. Improve your love life, career, money, family and happiness.

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Practice Makes Perfect

Seeking perfection can lead to a path of destruction. There is no freedom in a perfectionist's mind, and the only way out is to surrender. Yoga is a great place to dispel any negative thought patterns we've created in other areas of our lives.

See Practice Makes Perfect.

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