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I got the pleasure of receiving an awesome product called Therascalp. It's considered the world's smartest 5-mode head massager. It's portable and convenient for pure scalp relaxation. See Therascalp.


Props to Enhance Meditation Effectiveness

Meditating can be beneficial in many ways which include stress relief, improving your focus, and relieving insomnia. How you meditate can depend on what types of props you decide to use - do you want to set up physical space with candles, incense, and flowers? See Props to Enhance Meditation Effectiveness.

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Yoga Postures to Ease Pregnancy

The practice of yoga during pregnancy can not only keep you physically fit, but also mentally prepared for the birth. With raging hormones and various pregnancy symptoms, yoga can be a natural remedy to alleviate such aches, pains and discomforts, as well as ensuring an easier and smoother delivery and recovery time. See Yoga Postures to Ease Pregnancy.

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