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Unexpected Ways Yoga can Help Save your Life

There are mountains of scientific evidence about the benefits of yoga, and most people know yoga can be helpful and healing in many ways. From relaxation to losing weight, the advantages of doing yoga are virtually limitless. Yoga does the body good. See Unexpected Ways Yoga can Help Save your Life.

butterfly pose

I Fell Asleep in Child’s Pose

In the humility, reverence, and surrender of Child's Pose, we open ourselves completely to all of creation. . . .

I fell asleep in Child's Pose. I wanted to try and fall asleep like a baby and see how my body would feel. I wanted to share my experience. It turned out interesting and not exactly as I expected. See I Fell Asleep in Child’s Pose.

baby child's pose

Yoga on a Bed of Roses

Practicing yoga on a bed of roses promotes self-love and attraction. If that’s your intention, then spoil yourself and enjoy this practice. Your bedroom is your little oasis from everyday life and can be your sanctuary. See Yoga on a Bed of Roses.

red rose petals

Goddess Wisdom for Modern Women

We've heard of the goddess Aphrodite in mythology, the Greek goddess of sexual love, pleasure and beauty. She is known for being beautiful, kind, loving and passionate. Learn how to invoke your inner goddess energy through ancient wisdom and modern teachings. See Goddess Wisdom for Modern Women.

rose petals on water

5 Yoga Poses for Feet Video

Your feet need a little love and attention. When you stretch the arch or the sole of the foot you improve flexibility and loosen tension. Soothe and strengthen your feet with these 5 yoga poses. Your feet will feel amazing. See 5 Yoga Poses for Feet.

foot yoga video