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How to Stay Young through Yoga

Many of us carry trauma within our bodies from this and other lifetimes. We now have the opportunity to permanently release them and slow down the aging process dramatically with the practice of yoga. Find out how to stay young with yoga. See How to Stay Young through Yoga.

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Yoga Diet: Keeping Energised while Staying at Home

Unprecedented, uncertainty and uneasiness, 3 powerful adjectives that go some way to summing up Covid 19’s effect on our daily lives. Right now humankind is being challenged in a multitude of new and unorthodox ways. So what you can do to help maintain your energy levels, improve your state of mind and ultimately feel good? See Yoga Diet: Keeping Energised while Staying at Home.

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Detoxing Your Body With Yoga

Yoga is a great natural way to help with detoxification and helps to improve your circulation, digestion and lymphatic system - as some poses have been designed to increase energy levels, balance hormones and benefit your overall health. See Detoxing Your Body With Yoga.

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Combating Negativity with Yoga

When situations arise that challenge self-control and push us to a breaking point, our body can react in negative ways. After a 12-week observation of subjects aged between 18 and 45, results showed that yoga is better than walking in terms of reducing anxiety and improving mood. See Combating Negativity with Yoga.

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