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$3000 Lululemon Yogawear Haul

I recently indulged in a shopping spree at Lululemon. I kind of splurged and spent $2000 in total. I like to look good when working out, as my confidence shines. When you look pretty, you naturally feel pretty. It's all about self-love, which we all need more of. Stay tuned for a video haul... See $3000 Lululemon Yogawear Haul.

lululemon yoga wear

Badass Body Goals

The Badass Body Goals Journal by Habitnest is like your personal booty trainer in a book. It's a self improvement journal that helps you achieve your body shaping goals. I'm loving the pink resistance band. See Badass Body Goals.

Badass Body Goals

Yoga from a Scientific Point of View

Yoga is an ancient practice of bringing body and mind together. It includes meditation, various breathing exercises and poses that reduce your stress levels and will aid you into relaxation. See Yoga from a Scientific Point of View.

spiritual reflection

Cultivating Energy to Transcend Life's Challenges

Having positive energy, and feeling balanced can give us everything we need to tackle the trials of life head on. Learn how to cultive your energy to transcend life's challenges. See Cultivating Energy to Transcend Life's Challenges.

seated meditation

How to Improve your Yoga Practices

Yoga is an amazing physical activity that not only helps you lose weight but also keeps you fit and well maintained. Here are a few ways by which you can become more proficient with your yoga practice. See How to Improve your Yoga Practices.

beautiful yoga