Posts from April 2019

Happiness Is

I just joined the happiness movement. I met with a casual clothing company at the Toronto Yoga Show and Conference called Happiness Is. They want Canadians to celebrate their moments of happiness and spread it around wherever they go wearing their mindful clothing. See Happiness Is.

Happiness Is

The Yogis Journal

I love to journal every night and focus on positive affirmations. This beautiful Yogis Journal really motivates me to be more productive and do the things I love. Listing the things you are grateful for and setting daily intentions can deepen your yoga practice and personal life journey. See The Yogis Journal.

The Yogis Journal

My Rose Buddha

I had a lovely opportunity to meet with My Rose Buddha at the Toronto Yoga Conference. They had a combination of a warm welcome, smiles on their faces and beautiful prints on their leggings that really drew me into their booth. Their yoga wear are quite soft, delicate and feminine. See My Rose Buddha.

My Rose Buddha

Manifest True Love Meditation

This love meditation will help you manifest and attract a loving relationship while you sleep. It works when your subconscious mind is most comfortable and open to suggestion when you are in an unconscious state of mind. These last few minutes before you fall asleep, the time between being awake and asleep, are the most important for you to focus on the positive, manifest true love and what you want in your life. See Manifest True Love Meditation.

manifest true love meditation

Manifest Miracles Meditation

In this meditation, we will be focusing on manifesting a miracle in your life. Whether this miracle comes from your subconscious mind, the universe, god, love or faith, it will happen for you and your life will get better. This works on a subconscious level. See Manifest Miracles Meditation.

manifest miracles meditation

How to Develop a Calm Mind

In this day and age of instant everything, it’s essential to keep yourself from drowning under a heap of information. Practicing yoga is a way to develop a calm mind, but learning to keep calm and not over react in situations off the yoga mat is an optimal way to live. See How to Develop a Calm Mind.

develop calm mind