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Yoga for Healthy Hair

In current era of modernization, hair plays a vital role in enhancing your look. The health of your hair reflects your internal health and personal hygiene. Here are some yoga poses and breathing techniques to help address the root cause of any hair loss and bring upon healthy and beautiful hair. See Yoga for Healthy Hair.

wild thing pose

Kate Sparkle Jewelry

I just received this beautiful ring from kate Sparkle Jewelry. It's an angelic classic double halo round-cut engagement ring with a blue sapphire stone in sterling silver. I feel like a princess wearing this ring. See Kate Sparkle Jewelry.

Kate Sparkle Jewelry

Candle Gazing Meditation

Candle Gazing Meditation strengthens your physical eyes and the nerve centres in your forehead. It's also a powerful psychic cleanser of the ajna chakra, the 'third eye', and promotes intense concentration. See Candle Gazing Meditation.

candle gazing meditation

Strengthen your Immunity with Yoga

Physical movement, such as yoga is a great way to get your lymph flowing. Certain yoga postures, such as inversions affect gravity. (When your head is below the heart). This helps lymph move into your respiratory organs, where germs and infections often enter the body. When you return upright, gravity drains the lymph and cleanses out your system. This improves your immunity and strengthens your ability to fight off disease. See Strengthen your Immunity with Yoga.

wheel pose