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Practice Yoga with a Loved One

Practicing yoga with a loved one can help you learn to focus in the present moment, trust your partner, feel the bond and empathize with each other verbally, physically, and emotionally. Find out how partner yoga can improve and spice up your relationship. See Practice Yoga with a Loved One.

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Yoga for Digestion

Yoga is extremely effective for boosting the health of your digestive system. Studies say that the benefits of this practice are so strong that it can be used as part of therapy for any digestive disorders. See Yoga for Digestion.

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Rael Beauty

I received a lovely package from Rael Beauty with products to pamper you during the time of the month. I'm loving these facial sheet masks infused with botanical ingredients. See Rael Beauty.

Rael Facial Sheet Masks

Best Yoga Poses for Sleep

Everyone requires sleep. Sustained shut-eye is required to achieve REM sleep during the night to feel rested during the day. Yoga is a great way to wind you down before bed and take you to dream land. See Best Yoga Poses for Sleep.

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Yoga to Influence our Financial Life

Having a healthy relationship with money and practicing yoga can transform your life. This knowledge can be applied to how you use money, and how to find balance between life and your financial status. See Yoga to Influence our Financial Life.

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Yogi Surprise Box

I received a lovely care package filled with yoga inspired goodies by Yogi Surprise. This month's awesome box is inspired by the outdoors, as it's summer time. Practicing yoga outdoors, going hiking or relaxing at the beach, you will have what you need to care for yourself. See Yogi Surprise Box.

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How to Stay Young through Yoga

Many of us carry trauma within our bodies from this and other lifetimes. We now have the opportunity to permanently release them and slow down the aging process dramatically with the practice of yoga. See How to Stay Young through Yoga.

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Attract Abundance Meditation

Attract an abundance of money, prosperity, luck and success. Listen to Binaural Beats Frequency before sleep to magnetize you to attract wealth, riches and abundance. See Attract Abundance Meditation.

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