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Yoloha Yoga Mat

I received the most beautiful Yoloha yoga mat that's so pleasant to look at as you practice. The colors of the chakras are bright and easy on the eyes. It's made from natural cork and has a non-slip grip. See Yoloha Yoga Mat.

Yoloha Yoga Mat

Can Yoga Enhance your Powers of Attraction?

If you want to enhance your powers of attraction and attract positive opportunities into your life, then yoga can be your answer. With maintained focus, physical wellness and mental clarity you can achieve your desired goals and dreams. See Can Yoga Enhance your Powers of Attraction?

yoga for attraction

Feng Shui for your Home Exterior

Feng shui has been used almost exclusively for outdoor areas since around 4000 B.C. The simplest areas to apply feng shui to are going to be your exterior paint, front door, porch, garden, and any landscaping elements you may have. The goal is to balance these elements and promote a proper flow of chi (which is a universal energy which Taoists believe exists in all things) in order to achieve a unity between yin and yang. See Feng Shui for your Home Exterior.

red door

How Yoga Helps for High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is mainly caused by hypertension, and affects nine out of ten Americans at one point in their life. Yoga has been found to be an excellent way to lower blood pressure. This is because yoga reduces negative effects within the central nervous system. See How Yoga Helps for High Blood Pressure.

blood pressure

Yoga to Increase Focus at Work

Yoga is a way to improve not only your focus at work but your quality of life overall. Whether you are an employer or an employee, you should definitely include yoga in your corporate world for improved work focus. See Yoga to Increase Focus at Work.

yoga for addictions

Toronto Yoga Conference

Join me, as I go through the Yoga Conference 2017 at the Metro Convention Centre in Toronto. A place where all yogis come together to learn, share and grow their yoga practice. See me walk through all the yoga booths, checking out yoga products and watching everyone practice yoga. See Toronto Yoga Conference.

Toronto Yoga Conference