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Routine Cream Deodorant

Routine Cream Deodorant uses natural ingredients like charcoal, magnesium and clay. It's like vitamins for your pits. I was pleasantly surprised that it kept me smelling better than ever all day. See Routine Cream Deodorant.

Routine Cream Deodorant

Connecting with the Love Within

The key to feel love is to bask in it. Through the practice of meditation, an expanding heart attracts its likeness. Meaning, to receive love from outside, we first need to feel love on the inside, and then spread that love to the world. See Connecting with the Love Within.

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The Many Uses of Sama Vritti

Sama Vritti is known as equal breathing, which can easily calm your nervous system and reduce stress. It is an equal ratio breathing technique practiced by making sure that the inhalation is the same length as the exhalation. See Sama Vritti.

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