Posts from April 2017

Meditation To Feel Happier at Work

Many of us correlate work with stress and anxiety. Find out how meditation can bring in oodles of physical and mental health benefits that can boost your mood at your workplace. See Meditation To Feel Happier at Work.

meditation woman

Yoga and Pheromones

Ever wonder why some connections that two people have are almost inseparable? Attraction has a lot to do with pheromones, which are odorless chemicals that are released by living organisms through body fluids, such as sweat. Yoga can work wonders to enhance pheromone production and increase your sex appeal and chances of mating. See Yoga and Pheromones.

yoga and pheromones

Toronto Yoga Conference 2017

Join me, as I go through the Yoga Conference 2017 at the Metro Convention Centre in Toronto. A place where all yogis come together to learn, share and grow their yoga practice. See me walk through all the yoga booths, checking out yoga products and watching everyone practice yoga. See Toronto Yoga Conference.

Toronto Yoga Conference