Posts from December 2016

Yoga and Pheromones

Ever wonder why some connections that two people have are almost inseparable? Yoga can work wonders to enhance pheromone production and increase your chances of attracting more admirers. See Yoga and Pheromones.

passionate kiss

Access Creativity through Yoga

Creativity is an innate human trait, but many of us struggle with it, as we've been taught over time to value the thinking mind. When we practice yoga, we breathe life into our cells and in that process our creativity bubbles up like a fountain that can never be turned off. See Access Creativity through Yoga.

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Beat the Blues with Yoga

If the cold weather has you feeling down, and you want to reach a state of physical and emotional bliss, believe it or not, yoga is a great mood enhancer. See Beat the Blues with Yoga.

yoga in the snow