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5 Yoga Poses for Grief Relief

Grief is hard to deal with, especially when you lose a person, relationship, job or even a pet. This can put a heavy weight on your mind and body. Yoga can rejuvenate both mental peace and physical strength. See Yoga for Grief Relief.

yoga for grief relief

Christmas, Meet Buddhism

It is no secret that in our consumer-based society, Christmas has been twisted and exploited to the benefit of business, leaving a sad shell of its true roots. Find out how to take the Buddhist or Yogic approach to Christmas. See Christmas, Meet Buddhism.

christmas lights

Yoga Holiday Gift Guide

Ever wonder what to get a yogi for the holiday season... besides a yoga mat! Well I'm a big yoga enthusiast and came across lots of yoga goodies that I'm recommending as a gift for the holiday season. Check out my YOGA‬ Holiday Gift Guide. Happy shopping!

Yoga Holiday Gift Guide

Namastegg Starter Kit

These blocks from Three Minute Egg come with a unique shape that compliments the body. These oval shaped eggs are great for restorative poses, but also great to support standing poses to rest your palms. See Namastegg Starter Kit.

Namastegg Starter Kit