Posts from November 2015

Yogi Surprise

I was so delighted when I received two packages from Yogi Surprise. The yoga lifestyle box and the yoga jewelry box. Each box is filled with yoga inspired items that are perfect for any yoga enthusiast. It's literally a retreat in a box. See my Yogi Surprise Review.

yoga surprise box

Mindfulness in Giving and Receiving

This holiday season don't stress about the gift giving process. Instead, focus your attention on bringing your full presence to all the moments you are blessed with, and share them with the people you love. See Mindfulness in Giving and Receiving.

love letter

4 Yoga Poses to Improve Flexibility Using a Block

Improving flexibility is one of the toughest things to achieve, as it takes lots of time and patience. Here are 4 yoga poses using a block to work on your flexibility if you feel like you're hit a plateau. See 4 Yoga Poses to Improve Flexibility Using a Block.

forward fold