Posts from April 2015

Water Yoga for Depression

The practice of yoga can do wonders to help relieve depression symptoms. Going for a swim in the pool or ocean also has restorative effects on your mind. Here is a water yoga practice to help brighten up your day. See Water Yoga for Depression.

water yoga

Purusha People - Yoga Wear

I received a beautiful outfit from Purusha People. The cool thing about the top is that you choose your own element symbol. I chose earth, as I want to feel connected and grounded to the earth. See Purusha People - Yoga Wear.

Purusha People

Yoga for Attractive Boobs

Yoga exercises with peculiar stretches can have a direct impact in improving breast shape and health. Yoga can help to streamline top-heavy silhouettes and give them a perkier shape. Find out which yoga postures can tighten and lift up your breasts. See Yoga for Attractive Boobs.

yoga inversion

Lavanila - Eco Living Tip

On behalf of earth month and the Lavanila Live Green campaign, I would like to share an eco living tip that I practice. I live a health conscious lifestyle, and use natural products that are good for your body and planet. See Lavanila - Eco Living Tip.

Life Factory Water Bottles

Hum Nutrition

When I found out about Hum Nutrition, I was super excited, as they have specific vitamins for healthy hair, glowing skin and strong nails, which is something that I always strive to achieve. See Hum Nutrition.

Hum Nutrition

Clementine Surfwear

I'd like to thank Clementine Surfwear for sending me vintage style yoga leggings in dark blue tie dye. Perfect for yoga classes, as your body can stretch easily. See Clementine Surfwear.

Clementine Surfwear

Have Some Hatha Yoga

When you practice hatha yoga, you're not only benefiting your physical and emotional health, you also find spiritual harmony that can easily carry you through stressful situations in your life. See Have Some Hatha Yoga.

hatha yoga

Feeling Lonely? Yoga can Help Lift your Spirits

Yoga is a great way to help you find peace and some stability to make better decisions. Yoga can definitely help you find more meaning in your life and lift your spirits. See Yoga for Lonliness.

yoga for loneliness

clover cloth

I'd like to thank clover cloth for sending me a lovely Limited Edition: Free Everyone Racer Tank. It's 100% organic fare trade cotton, that's super soft on your skin. Perfect for going out casually in the summer time. See clover cloth.

Clover Cloth