Posts from February 2015

Facial Yoga Massage

Facial yoga is great to release tension and relax your facial muscles. Here is a video of some facial yoga exercises to increase blood flow to your face, while smoothening and toning your skin to make you look younger. See Facial Yoga Massage.

facial yoga massage

Can Yoga help you find your Valentine?

Finding love through yoga can transform you from the inside out. Find out how the yoga approach can activate the great laws of creation to send you a superb, stable mate, your Valentine!! See Can Yoga help you find your Valentine?

I'm all yours

How Yoga Improves Balance

Practicing yoga regularly can improve balance and concentration that will serve you in everyday life. Here are some standing balancing poses that may seem difficult, but can reap enormous rewards in the long run. See How Yoga Improves Balance.

yoga balance

Can Yoga Make you Taller?

Yoga can lengthen, tone and stretch your body to improve your posture, increase your self confidence and make you look slimmer. Find out which yoga postures can give you an instant appearance of being taller. See Can Yoga Make you Taller?

look tall