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UrthBox Unboxing

I received a box full of goodies from UrthBox, which is a monthly subscription package of healthy natural, organic, non-GMO and vegan snacks delivered to your door. See my UrthBox Unboxing video.


Zensorium Tinké

I received a really cool gadget called Zensorium Tinké, which tracks your respiratory rate, blood oxygen saturation and heart rate variability using your iPhone or Android device. It raises awareness of your fitness levels, motivating you to get moving. See Zensorium Tinké.

Zensorium Tinké

Are you a Yogi off the Mat?

Those that consider themselves modern day yogis should make an effort to apply the work they've done to every moment in their lives, on or off the mat. For every physical action there is an evenly distributed amount of energy towards the spiritual body. See Are you a Yogi off the Mat?

beach yoga mat

Je Suis L'Amour - (I am love)

The true essence of human beings is seldom explored. But it exists so innately. Your essence is love. Yoga is a facilitator of love. It helps it grow through a cultivation of the body and mind, ultimately creating a portal to the human spirit. See I am love.


I Hate Yoga

I Hate Yoga, And Why You'll Hate To Love It Too, by Paul McQuillan is a book that caught my attention. It explores why yoga has become so controversial in the western society, and how this whole love/hate relationship began. See I Hate Yoga.

I love you and because I love you, I would sooner have you hate me for telling you the truth than adore me for telling you lies.

Pietro Aretino

I Hate Yoga

Why Meditation?

In between our thoughts, there are silent spaces. The goal of meditation is to increase the time of this silent space between our thoughts. This will ultimately give us relaxation. See Why Meditation?


Beat the Blues with Yoga

If the cold weather has you feeling down, and you want to reach a state of physical and emotional bliss, believe it or not, yoga is a great mood enhancer that requires no drugs or medications. See Beat the Blues with Yoga.

yoga in the snow

6 Easy Meditation Tips

The main goal of meditation is to clear your mind and focus on your breath as you breathe in and breath out. Make meditation a priority for yourself just like you would for everything else. See 6 Easy Meditation Tips.