Posts from November 2014

The YOGO Mat

I recently received the YOGO Mat, which is a high quality fold up mat that can easily fit in your luggage, backpack or purse. A great solution for outdoor yoga, traveling or as a day to day mat. I wish I had this mat last year, while practicing yoga on the beach. See The YOGO Mat.

Yogo Mat

Mindfulness in Giving and Receiving

This holiday season don't stress about the gift giving process. Instead, focus your attention on bringing your full presence to all the moments you are blessed with, and share them with the people you love. See Mindfulness in Giving and Receiving.

love letter

Finding a Good Yoga Instructor

Finding a good yoga instructor is like finding a good hairdresser. You want to be able to totally relax and enjoy the outcome of the yoga class, and come out feeling like a million bucks. Find out the criteria to meet your match and your specific yoga needs. See Finding a Good Yoga Instructor.

yoga instructor

BuddhiBox Yoga Subscription Box

I just recieved my BuddhiBox in the mail. A box of happiness with yogi-inspired items that are organic, non-toxic and mindful. It's like a surprise birthday present every month. Yoga delivered to your door... See BuddhiBox Yoga Subscription Box.


How Babies and Parents Benefit from Yoga

Babies are always moving, so baby yoga is naturally designed to be beneficial to improve health and enhance the bonding experience for both mother and baby. See How Babies and Parents Benefit from Yoga.

baby yoga