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5 Better Back Yoga Poses

Here are 5 yoga exercises that help prevent back pain, eliminate back fat and strengthen the condition of your back. Practice daily or at least 3-4 times a week for best results. See 5 Better Back Yoga Poses.

better back yoga

Has Yoga Become Too Commercialized?

Most advertisement regarding yoga show a room full of lovely, proportionate young people who are donning the most fashionable and expensive outfits one can purchase. See Has Yoga Become Too Commercialized?

It's great to get a nice yoga butt, but peace and stability in one's personal life are important too.

Rodney Yee

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Beat the Hot Yoga Headache

Jan Dizon, a Bikram yoga practitioner shares with us some remedies on how to beat the hot yoga headache. Your body isn't used to the high temperature at first, and the excessive sweating may cause dehydration. See Beat the Hot Yoga Headache.

hot yoga headache

7 Yoga Poses for Men

Men are enjoying the benefits of yoga more and more these days, especially since they are tighter in the shoulders, hips and groin area. Yoga is an effective way to stretch out tight areas and enhance endurance, body strength and flexibility. See 7 Yoga Poses for Men.

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