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Enhance your Beauty with Yoga

Yoga has many benefits to help enhance your beauty and give you a more vibrant look. With the increase of blood circulation to your face, yoga can improve the condition of your skin and hair giving you a more vibrant youthful look. See Yoga for Beauty.

yoga for beauty

Kara Scalp Detox Salon

We've all heard of cleansing our bodies to get rid of toxins that accumulate over time. Well the same is true for our scalp. I got the pleasant opportunity to visit Kara Scalp Detox Salon for an amazing deep cleansing detoxification scalp treatment. My head felt like a million bucks, with the cleanest feeling ever. See Kara Scalp Detox Review.

kara scalp detox

How to Chant: Some Practical Instructions

Sacred Sound, discovering the myth & meaning of mantra & kirtan by Allanna Kaivalya shares twenty-one mantras with their meaning and myths behind them. Prepare to be inspired and illuminated. See How to Chant: Some Practical Instructions.

Sacred Sound

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga does the body good. Seriously, if you haven't tried yoga, grab that mat and get going. Yoga not only tones your physical body, but works to nourish your inner organs. A beautiful yoga body can be yours if you practice regularly. See Benefits of Yoga.

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How Yoga Helped my Injury

Claire Austen shares with us how yoga helped her injury more than medication. After about a year of yoga practice, the near constant ache in her neck had resided, and the poses that once caused discomfort could be done comfortably. See How Yoga Helped my Injury.

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Can Yoga Keep You Slim?

With the growing popularity of yoga, the question 'Can yoga keep you slim?' is still lurking in most people's mind. Find out how the practice of yoga can promote mindful eating habits, improve bodily functions and keep your weight down. See Can Yoga Keep You Slim?

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How to Make Artichokes

April 1/14

Artichokes are high in antioxidants, boost your immune system and lower cholesterol. In this video I'll be showing how to boil artichokes, which make a great snack alternative to chips. See How to Make Artichokes.