Posts from January 2014

Karma Yoga - Self-Discipline

Yoga requires self-discipline. As we practice yoga we discover that what we thought was reality is just an illusion and our real world exists in our mind. While we have no control over the world of the senses, we can exert great control over our own minds. See Karma Yoga - Self-Discipline.

self discipline yoga

Care of the Body – Karma Yoga

Jan 18/14

The Buddha tells us that we experience suffering as a result of desire and aversion. We tend to want things we cannot have and we do not want what we have. Proper care of the body will constitutes healthy behaviors and lead us in the right direction. See Care of the Body.

care of body

Karma Yoga - Practice of Purity

The practice of purity means that we look closely at all our actions. It is our responsibility to sharpen our mind, body and soul, which are the only instruments that we use for our actions. Find out the attributes of a pure person according to Gandhi. See Practice of Purity.

practice of purity

Abundance Meditation

This 30 minute abundance meditation will increase gratitude, love and success in your life. It teaches living in the present moment and being open to give and to receive. Be sure to practice daily for best results. See Abundance Meditation.