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Karma Yoga - The Practice of Gandhi

Karma yoga means that every action has consequences which ripple out, as a pebble thrown into a lake. We are consciously and unconsciously motivated by selfishness, and getting what we want. Karma yoga asks that we surrender our actions to a higher power. See Karma Yoga.

karma yoga hands

6 Yoga Poses for Anxiety

Anxiety is described as a feeling of uneasiness, uncertainty and powerlessness. Here are 6 yoga poses that involve slow movements and pranayama breathing techniques, which are the opposite to the symptoms of anxiety. See 6 Yoga Poses for Anxiety.

yoga for anxiety

Yoga Alignment

Ever notice how some people can do a yoga pose that just seems impossible to you? Is it their experience or could it be that they have different bone structure, such as longer torsos which indicate a longer spine? See Yoga Alignment.

yoga alignment

To Yoga Prop or Not

Props can help yoga students with certain challenges to move further into a posture, but traditional yoga didn't require using any. To some, they are just considered the commercialization of yoga. Is the only requirement for practice is an open mind? See To Yoga Prop or Not.

yoga props

Juil Ballet Shoes

I received a lovely pair of Juil ballet shoes that are flattering and comfortable in one. Juil is known for their copper dots that keep you grounded and connect you with the earth. We all know that walking barefoot as close to the ground as possible has benefits. See Juil Ballet Shoes Review.

Juil Shoes