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Energy and Yoga

A wise use of energy is the third niyama of the ethical code of yoga. It means to expend your energy towards spiritual growth, and not towards endless desires such as hunger or thirst. Through discomfort, we develop a greater capacity for self control and contentment. See Energy and Yoga.

energy yoga

Daily Greatness Yoga Journal

I recently received the Daily Greatness Yoga Journal: Your Masterplan for a Beautifully Conscious Life for review, and the timing couldn't be more perfect, as I’ve been thinking about daily journaling and intention setting to create positive changes in my life quite recently. This guided journal could transform and alter your destiny. See Daily Greatness Yoga Journal.

Daily Greatness Yoga Journal

Wonders of Power Yoga

Power yoga is a free flow vinyasa style yoga that was developed in the mid 1990 to attract Western students to asthanga yoga. Power yoga is great for weight loss, detoxification, building stamina and improving muscle mass. See Wonders of Power Yoga.

power yoga

Contentment and Yoga

Santosha or contentment is the second Niyama of the ethical code of yoga. It is the ability to be grateful and satisfied with what you have in the present moment. Moving from negative to positive thoughts in challenging times. See Contentment and Yoga.

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