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Purity and Yoga

Purity is the first Niyama of the ethical code of yoga. It means Saucha, which is physical cleanliness. It also focuses on positive thoughts, complimenting people and reducing impure thinking. See Purity and Yoga.

yoga and purity

Morning Yoga Stretches Video

Enjoy a series of morning yoga stretches on the beach in Tel Aviv, Israel. Stay flexible and strengthen your body with these postures that will energize you for the day. Practice daily for best results. See Morning Yoga Stretches.

cobra on the beach

Yoga for Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder is a shoulder contracture, with symptoms of hot, painful and stiff shoulder joints. Find out which yoga postures can reduce discomfort, regain joint flexibility and improve range of motion. See Yoga for Frozen Shoulder.

camel pose

5 Yoga Poses to Reduce Headaches

Did you know that having bad posture and a lack of oxygen can affect your respiratory system, which can cause muscle tension, resulting in headaches. Practicing these yoga postures daily can reduce and prevent headaches. See 5 Yoga Poses to Reduce Headaches.

yoga for headaches

Yoga and Non Hoarding

Non hoarding is the fifth yama of the ethical code of yoga. It means not wanting, non-attachment or greed-lessness. We always seem to want what we don’t have. This causes endless desires that we don't really need to acquire happiness. See Yoga and Non Hoarding.

bound angle pose

Chastity - Brahmacharya

Brahmacharya is the fourth yama of the ethical code of yoga. It means control over the senses, specifically it means chastity. By turning away from distractions of our senses, we can learn to control our mind. See Chastity - Brahmacharya.


Seated Yoga Meditation by the Sea

Studies have shown that it doesn't matter much how you meditate, just as long as you do it regularly. This seated yoga meditation by the ocean in Tel Aviv, Israel will surely relax you and increase your patience and endurance. See Seated Yoga Meditation by the Sea.

seated yoga meditation

101 Jealousy Quotes

Being jealousy is foolish and destructive, as everyone is unique and incomparable. Here are some inspirational jealousy quotes for you to realize your self worth. See 101 Jealousy Quotes.

Jealousy is no more than feeling alone against smiling enemies.

Elizabeth Bowen

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Coping with Sore Muscles after Yoga

Having sore muscles after an intense yoga practice is quite common, especially with beginners who are just starting out. Here are some home remedies and tips to help ease and avoid muscle soreness. See Coping with Sore Muscles after Yoga.

sore muscles

Hot Yoga to Restore Body Health

Hot yoga can restore your health by improving body flexibility, muscle strength and endurance. Here are some tips for those who are just starting out, as hot yoga isn't suitable for everyone. See Hot Yoga to Restore Body Health.

hot yoga