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Yoga and the Practice of Generosity

Asteya is the third yama of the ethical code of yoga. It literally means non-stealing or generosity. It all begins with your mind, as feeling fearful or anxious can lead to unhealthy behaviors like stealing or hoarding. See Yoga and the Practice of Generosity.

relaxing childs pose

Yoga for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Yoga brings harmony throughout the body systems, including hormonal health, and can aid in overcoming polycystic ovarian syndrome. With yoga and proper breathing you can improve your reproductive system. See Yoga for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

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The Ethical Code of Yoga – Ahimsa (Do no harm)

Ahimsa is summarized as 'do no harm' and is the first of the yamas. Once ahimsa becomes more natural in your daily life, you'll begin to behave with compassion towards those who you like, and those you dislike. See The Ethical of Yoga – Ahimsa (Do no harm).


Yoga for Kyphosis

Yoga can maintain proper spinal alignment and improve posture for those with Kyphosis, which is excessive rounding of the thoracic spine. With yoga you can experience body movements that you never imagined before. See Yoga for Kyphosis.

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Beginners Yoga Poses

Yoga has many health benefits that can improve our life. Some people are afraid to start and have no clue where to begin. Here is a video with detailed instruction of yoga postures for beginners. See Beginners Yoga Poses.

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The Ethical Code of Yoga

The ethical code of yoga was codified in the ancient Indian Scriptures. It tells us about eight steps to enlightenment. These include yamas and niyamas which were practiced prior to yoga asanas. They are moral principles to live by. See The Ethical Code of Yoga.

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Beginners Yoga - Relaxation Meditation

If you practice meditation every day, even just for a few minutes, you will soon notice that the rest and relaxation that you feel during practice will begin to suffuse your entire life. In this video, I'm going to talk you through a 6 minute relaxing meditation. You can sit comfortably or lie down, but I must warn you, if you lie down, you might fall asleep. See Beginners Yoga - Relaxation Meditation.

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Yoga for Hearing Loss

Yoga poses can be an effective complementary treatment for ear problems and hearing loss. With an ongoing practice, an increase of blood supply to the infected ear can reduce ear infections and ear pain. See Yoga for Hearing Loss.

yoga for hearing loss

Purification Meditation

This is a powerful cleansing and purifying meditation video that rids you of negative or destructive thoughts and thought patterns. It also balances your crown chakra. See Purification Meditation.

purification meditation