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Yoga for Growing Children

Yoga can benefit growing children by building physical fitness, improving mental health and blooming creativity. Yoga is a great way to channel children’s internal energy and boost their healthy growth. See Yoga for Growing Children.

yoga for children

101 Creativity Quotes

Here are creativity quotes to motivate you to achieve your goals, dreams, visions and success in life. See 101 Creativity Quotes.

All the works of man have their origin in creative fantasy. What right have we then to depreciate imagination.

Carl Jung

A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.

Ayn Rand

creativity quotes

Yoga for Schizophrenia

Yoga as a complimentary treatment can improve the quality of life for those suffering from Schizophrenia. Yoga postures, breathing exercises and relaxation can increase self-awareness, reduce stress and create energy. See Yoga for Schizophrenia.

yoga for schizophrenia

The Beginning Students Guide to Yoga

Beginning a yoga practice can seem confusing, but there is an ideal yoga class for everyone. Depending if you want to reduce stress, build stamina, increase muscle mass or be more balanced, specialized yoga classes can cater to your specific needs. See The Beginners Guide to Yoga.

beginners yoga

Yoga Therapy and Body Mass Index

Yoga therapy can help control and balance your Body Mass Index, (BMI). Yoga produces self-awareness and boosts personal growth, therefore improving eating patterns, which has a vital role in long-term weight maintenance. See Yoga Therapy and Body Mass Index.

plough pose

Yoga for Vertigo

Yoga can help cope with undesirable symptoms of vertigo, such as dizziness, loss of balance and feeling of nausea. Yoga can stimulate your nervous system, improve blood circulation and enhance sense of body balance. See Yoga for Vertigo.

wheel pose

Lole Activewear Review

I was so thrilled to receive the Mantra 2 Dress by Lole Activewear. It's a strappy tank top that converts to a dress. All you do is slide a set of straps down your shoulders, and voila... you have a long gorgeous comfortable dress to go out in. See Lole Activewear Review.

Lole Active Wear

Nadi Shodhana - Alternate Nostril Breathing

Nadi Shodhana is a breathing yogi technique known as alternate nostril breathing that can decrease your resting heart rate in just six weeks. Here is a video with detailed instruction on Nadi Shodhana. See Nadi Shodhana - Alternate Nostril Breathing.

Nadi Shodhana

Yoga for Attractive Boobs

Yoga exercises with peculiar stretches can have a direct impact in improving breast shape and health. Yoga can help to streamline top-heavy silhouettes and give them a perkier shape. Find out which yoga postures can tighten and lift up your breasts. See Yoga for Attractive Boobs.

yoga for boobs