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Yin Yoga Pigeon Video

Yin Yoga involves holding onto the postures for a longer time. This enables you to reach into the connective tissues deep within your body. In this video Mark Laham, (Yin Yoga instructor) is showing us some variations of Pigeon Pose, also known as Swan Pose. See Yin Yoga Pigeon Video.

yin yoga pigeon

Double Green Smoothie Video

This delicious double green smoothie is excellent for breakfast. It's packed with nutrients of hearty greens, but tastes like a perfect blend of fruit. Watch the recipe video, and my true reaction as I drink the smoothie. See Double Green Smoothie Video.


Yin Yoga Poses Video

Yin Yoga is all about the connective tissues and the fibrous tissues that form your joints and ligaments. In this video Mark Laham (Yin Yoga Instructor) is going to show us Butterfly Pose and Supported Fish Pose. See Yin Yoga Poses Video.

Yin Yoga Poses

Partner Yoga - Child's Pose

Child's pose is a wonderful favorite to explore with a partner. This partnered variation gives a deep release to the sacrum and lower back. This is an amazing posture to practice that's pretty simple to do. I felt an amazing stretch from head to toe. See Partner Yoga - Child's Pose.

Partner Yoga Child's Pose

Studio Lagree Workout

After taking a few classes at Studio Lagree I noticed such a transformation of my body. It really started taking shape and working my muscles like never before. It's an extremely challenging workout that really gets your abs on fire... See Studio Lagree Workout.

Studio Lagree

10 Yoga Poses for Stress Video

Most people complain of feeling stressed by the pressures of daily life. Yoga can help calm your nervous system and relax your mind and body, which is needed to repair and heal the physiological effects of stress. See 10 Yoga Poses for Stress Video.

Revolved Belly Pose

101 Feminine Quotes

Here are 101 feminine quotes to bring out your womanly qualities. See 101 Feminine Quotes.

A woman should keep her separateness, should save all her feminine qualities and purify them. In this way she is going, according to her nature, towards enlightenment. Of course once you are enlightened, you have gone beyond the discrimination of sexes. Beyond enlightenment, you are simply human beings. But before that... Be proud of your qualities. Increase them, refine them because they are the path towards godliness. Man is not in a better position than woman as far as religious experience is concerned.


feminine quotes

7 Yoga Postures for Pregnancy Video

The practice of yoga during pregnancy can not only keep you physically fit, but also mentally prepared for the birth. In this video I'm going to show you a sequence of yoga postures to help alleviate pregnancy pains and discomforts. See 7 Yoga Postures for Pregnancy Video.

pregnant woman

Health Quotes Video

Now that it's spring time, it's the perfect season to cleanse and detoxify your body to improve your health, and feel lighter. Here are health quotes to motivate you to appreciate your health and take better care of yourself. See Health Quotes Video.

Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.

Mark Twain

health quotes video