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Family Yoga Classes in Toronto

Introducing yoga to all your family members is a great way to create closer bonds through meditation, relaxation and yoga poses. It is a healthy form of recreation. Find out the benefits of family yoga classes in Toronto. See Family Yoga Classes in Toronto.

family yoga

Yoga for Weight Loss in Toronto

With wise healthy choices and building core strength you can lose weight with yoga. Find out how to slim down and show off your curves by practicing hot yoga classes in Toronto. See Yoga for Weight Loss in Toronto.

yoga for weight loss

Baby Yoga in Toronto

Baby yoga is an ideal bonding activity for parents and their newborn. Find out the benefits of baby yoga, and where the warmest and coziest yoga studios in Toronto are best suited for calming and soothing both the young and the old. See Baby Yoga in Toronto.

baby yoga toronto

Yoga as Treatment for ADHD

Yoga proves to be quite effective for adults and children with ADHD. It can help to improve concentration, focus and relaxation without drug interactions and side effects. See Yoga as Treatment for ADHD.

yoga for adhd

Electric Yoga Wear Giveaway

I'd like to thank Electric Yoga for sending me an amazing yoga outfit. An anti-slip yoga pant and a seamless layered bra tank. Now you can practice yoga anywhere without a mat. This is especially great for traveling, as you wouldn't need to carry a mat with you. See Electric Yoga Giveaway.

Electric Yoga

Win a free Electric Yoga Item of Choice

Electric Yoga would like to send a free item of choice to one lucky winner. Electric yoga provides fashionable, high quality yoga clothing that is made in the USA, designed to fit the lifestyle of the active yoga enthusiast.

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The winner will be announced on Friday February 1, 2013.

What Does Love Mean To You?

We all express love in different ways, so why does the whole fairy-tale romance and unconditional love that we desire most seem so unreachable? We need to ask ourselves what the real meaning of love is. See What Does Love Mean To You?

red heart

Yoga for Asthma

Yoga and breathing techniques can help improve lung capacity and facilitate easier breathing for those who suffer from asthma. Yoga can also build your stamina and immunity to fight against asthma triggering allergies. See Yoga for Asthma.

yoga for asthma

4 Yoga Inversions for Hair Loss

When your body is inverted, upside down, gravity is assisting to move these stuck impurities out of our system. This allows for fresh nutrients to replenish the old, so new growth can occur. Here is a video of 4 yoga inversions that you can practice at home to prevent hair loss. See 4 Yoga Inversions for Hair Loss.

yoga inversion

Yoga for Insomnia Video

Insomnia is a common problem these days. Practicing restorative yoga postures before going to bed can help cure insomnia and give you a good nights sleep. Here are some postures that will calm your nerves and induce deep sleep. See Yoga for Insomnia.

yoga for insomnia

How About a Yoga Break?

With our sedentary lifestyles of sitting for hours all day only moving our fingers, taking a yoga break would definitely improve circulation and bring us back to work more refreshed relaxed and re-invigorated! See How About a Yoga Break?

plough pose

Celebrate the Aquarian Age!

It's a new beginning of the Aquarian Age, a world of revived hope. This is a chance of creating a fresh start recreating ourselves, our loves ones and the world around us. This technical age has never in history been so fast and instant! See Celebrate the Aquarian Age.

aquarian age

Yoga to Open your Heart

Here is a yoga meditation exercise to open your heart to give and receive more love. It is from the book - "The Eight Human Talents." You can repeat the movement 26 times focusing on your third eye point. Enjoy the love.... See Yoga to Open your Heart.

open heart