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How to Choose the Right Yoga Style

There are various types of yoga styles to choose from. When choosing your style, it all depends on your yoga goals. Do you want to improve strength, become more flexible, lose weight, relieve stress or eliminate toxins? See How to Choose the Right Yoga Style.

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Vajrasana - Kneeling Pose

Vajrasana, kneeling pose involves siting back onto your knees. If you practice correctly, any knee or ankle problems will be prevented from developing. Here is a secret that will increase the therapy value of kneeling. See Vajrasana - Kneeling Pose.

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Why Yoga Will Never Go Out of Style

Yoga will never go out of style, as it's been a round for decades. Other forms of exercise seem to just come and go. Plyometrics is a series of intense rapid and repeated tretching known as muscle confusion. Is this just another exercise fad? See Why Yoga Will Never Go Out of Style.

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Yoga for Migraine Headaches

The practice of yoga and deep breathing exercises can help reduce the intensity and frequency of migraine headaches. Yoga postures have a calming effect on your nervous system, which reduce stress and relax your mind and body. See Yoga for Migraine Headaches.

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Design Your Own Yoga Routines

Designing your own yoga routines doesn't have to be so hard. Jon Dyer shares with us the principles of having a specific routine purpose that hits all the main yoga positions. See Design Your Own Yoga Routines.

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Age Is Not Just a Number!

The number of one's age gives a great deal of information about the person. Everyone is in a different stage of life with various social beliefs and customs. As yoga teachers we face students of all ages. Find out how devalidating one's knowledge or life experience can cause separation and disrespect. See Age Is Not Just a Number!

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Mindfulness in Giving and Receiving

This holiday season don't stress about the gift giving process. Instead, focus your attention on bringing your full presence to all the moments you are blessed with, and share them with the people you love. See Mindfulness in Giving and Receiving.

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What Influences our Choices?

Our lives would be easier if we paid more attention to the process of making decisions, especially major ones, then just letting others decide for us. All of our actions have a cause and effect. Here are a few lists of some favorites that you can incorporate into your practice. See What Influences our Choices?


Music to Practice Yoga

Music can bring serenity and be helpful as motivation while practicing yoga. There are so many options of music, as each person has their own taste. Here are a few lists of some favorites that you can incorporate into your practice. See Music to Practice Yoga.

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My Favorite Yoga Poses

Carol Traulsen shares with us her favorite yoga poses. Whether or not you can hold a yoga pose can be an indicator of how you're currently feeling at the present moment. Sometimes you just lack focus in your life. See My Favorite Yoga Poses.

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Does Technology Jive with Yoga?

Yoga is going high-tech in many ways, from videos, games, clothing, yoga software, yoga apps, etc. This integration is part of the commercialization of yoga as a way to grow and expand awareness of the benefits of yoga. See Does Technology Jive with Yoga?

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Yoga and Supplements

Jon Dyer shares with us how his yoga practice has taught him to be more mindful about choosing better protein supplements. You've got to be careful as you may unintentionally cause yourself more harm than good when choosing supplements. See Yoga and Supplements.


Life with 8 Limbs of Yoga

The 8 limbs of yoga are guidelines that aim to reach enlightenment, which is the reward for completing the first 7 limbs that require observing your own discipline and honouring yourself. This 8-limbed philosophy is a yogic lifestyle taught by Patanjali. See Life with 8 Limbs of Yoga.

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NamaSTAY Yoga Towel

I received a lovely purple NamaSTAY Yoga Mat Towel that has sleeves at both ends that wrap around your yoga mat, so it always stays in place. This is awesome for any hot yoga practice, as when you're moving around from posture to posture you don't want your towel to move with you. See NamaSTAY Yoga Towel.

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