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Misadventures of a Garden State Yogi

I received the book Misadventures of a Garden State Yogi, by Brian Leaf. He takes you through his detailed adventure of how yoga, meditation, Ayurveda and holistic health became a part of his life, and helped cure all his physical and mental ailments. See Misadventures of a Garden State Yogi.

Misadventures of a Garden State Yogi

Can Yoga Keep You Slim?

With the growing popularity of yoga, the question 'Can yoga keep you slim?' is still lurking in most people's mind. Find out how the practice of yoga can promote mindful eating habits, improve bodily functions and keep your weight down. See Can Yoga Keep You Slim?

yoga to keep you slim

Can Yoga Improve Your Self-Confidence?

Without self-confidence, we lack the initiative to perform extraordinary things for ourselves, and we let fear take over and conquer us. With the practice of yoga, we get to balance both our physical and mental health, which together can improve our self-esteem and confidence. See Can Yoga Improve Your Self-Confidence?


Novica Mosaic Bracelet

I received a beautiful Bali Mosaic cuff bracelet from Novica, who are in association with National Geographic. This stunning cuff bracelet caught my attention, as I'm a big fan of sterling silver, and this piece makes a great accessory for any occasion. See Novica Mosaic Bracelet Review.

Novica Mosaic bracelet

Power of Hand Mudras

Hand Mudras are symbolic gestures that awaken your Kundalini power, improve physical health and peace of mind, and restore body systems. Find out how these symbolic gestures connect to your brain and body organs. See Power of Hand Mudras.

hand mudras

Chi Kung and Aging

Chi Kung is a natural method to slow down the aging process by keeping our bodies in balance. Having a healthy and balanced immune system ensures that our bodies work in harmony to keep us looking young and youthful. See Chi Kung and Aging.

chi kung and aging

Feeling Lonely? Yoga can Lift your Spirits

When you're feeling sad and lonely the world seems like a useless place to be in. Yoga is a great way to help you find peace and some stability to make better decisions. Yoga can definitely help you find more meaning in your life and lift your spirits. See Yoga for Loneliness.

yoga for loneliness

Yoga for a Healthy Back

Did you know that yoga can be effective for back pain? Studies have shown that as you increase flexibility, strength and length to your spine with yoga postures, you develop a stronger and healthier back, and prevent pain and injury. See Yoga for a Healthy Back.

yoga for healthy back

The Yoga of Meditation

The practice of yoga and meditation allows you to bring together all aspects of yourself into an integrated whole. By focusing on your breath you draw attention to your physical body and physical reality, which allows for the greatest creative potential to be achieved. See Yoga of Meditation.


Can Yoga Heal a Broken Heart?

Once you've cried over a break up and realize that you can't really cope, even after a long period of time, then you need some kind of method to help you move on. Yoga can help balance your emotions and keep you more positive for the future. See Can Yoga Heal a Broken Heart?

broken heart

Enhance your Beauty with Yoga

Have you noticed that yogis have a certain glow about them that comes from within and radiates outward. Yoga has many benefits to help enhance your beauty and give you a more vibrant look. With the increase of blood circulation to your face, yoga can improve the condition of your skin and hair giving you a more vibrant youthful look. See Enhance your Beauty with Yoga.

yoga for beauty

5 Yoga Poses to Improve Intimacy

The practice of yoga can definitely help you reach greater heights of intimacy and pleasure. Being physically strong and emotionally at peace is the key to enhancing intimacy in your life, and including yoga can be apart of that achievement. See 5 Yoga Poses to Improve Intimacy.

intimate yoga