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Yoga For Dating: 5 Practical Benefits

Getting back into the dating scene can be quite overwhelming for some. Yoga can help to improve your confidence, and enhance your attraction not only on a physical level, but also on a spiritual level. Attraction is based on inner and outer beauty. See Yoga For Dating: 5 Practical Benefits.

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Yoga Decoded - Now is the Time

If you're looking to take up a new hobby this season, then it's got to be yoga, as it can make you feel at one with nature. You don't have to be extremely flexible, as yoga is a non-competitive practice that is an excellent way to revitalize your mind and body. See Yoga Decoded - Now is the Time.

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101 Beauty Quotes

Here are some beauty quotes from well known folks who understand the real meaning of beauty. Be prepared for some deep and meaningful inspiration. See 101 Beauty Quotes.

People are like stained - glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

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6 Yoga Poses for Hair Growth

Long healthy hair is a reflection of beauty, vitality and youth. Having thinning hair or hair loss is related to genetics and your lifestyle. Here are some yoga postures that you can practice at home to help reduce hair loss and improve hair growth. See 6 Yoga Poses for Hair Growth.

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Can Yoga Enhance your Powers of Attraction?

If you want to enchance your powers of attraction, have the ability to magnetize or execute affirmations or attract positive opportunities into your life, then yoga can be your answer. With maintained focus, physical wellness and mental clarity you can achieve your desired goals and dreams. See Can Yoga Enhance your Powers of Attraction?

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Yoga for Seniors

Yoga for seniors consists of soft and gentle yoga moves to help reverse the process of aging, improve memory and strengthen the joints and muscles. The yoga poses are designed for the elderly's specific physical limitations and needs. See Yoga for Seniors.

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Yoga for Computer Users Video

Here are some simple yoga stretches that you can practice to help relieve any pain and discomfort from long hours of computer use. Yoga can also help to increase circulation, relieve eyestrain, eye fatigue, and even headaches. See Yoga for Computer Users Video.

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Gaiam TV - Yoga and Fitness Videos

I got a chance to try out Gaiam TV, which is kind of like Netflix, but for health, fitness, yoga and Pilates enthusiasts. It's a great idea, as you can have access to hundreds of different videos 24/7 in the comfort of your own home. See Gaiam TV - Yoga and Fitness Videos.

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Chi Kung and Autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmune diseases involves your immune system to mistakenly attack and destroy healthy cells, which cause issues that are difficult to heal. Wayne Bilyk shares with us how chi kung can help to balance your whole energetic system, so that your body can run at its optimum ability. See Chi Kung and Autoimmune Diseases.

You ought not attempt to cure the body without the soul. The cure of many diseases is unknown to many physicians because they disregard the whole.


Human life runs its course in the metamorphosis between receiving and giving.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Tiny Devotions Mala Beads

I received a rose quartz mala beads necklace from Tiny Devotions. It is made of sacred Rudraksha seeds, which are believed to be quite healing. It really is a great way to manifest and turn your thoughts and prayers into reality. See Tiny Devotions Mala Beads.

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Yoga for Natural Birth

During pregnancy, women undergo physical and mental challenges that are well worth it in the end, as a bundle of joy is produced. Yoga can compliment a natural birth by improving your breathing and teaching you how to let go of your fears. See Yoga for Natural Birth.

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