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Yoga for Golfers

Yoga offers many benefits for golfers. It helps to increase flexibility, strengthen core muscles, prevent back pain and improve breathing and relaxation of mind; all if which can increase any golfers game and performance. See Yoga for Golfers.

yoga for golfers

Ten Sacred Secrets to Success

Vera Del Vecchio shares with us ten sacred secrets to success by Yogi Bhajan to inspire you to be your best at everything you do. For every action, there is a reaction and opposite. If you follow these secrets, you will enhance your wisdom and success in life. See Ten Sacred Secrets to Success.

success quotes

Finding a Good Yoga Instructor

Finding a good yoga instructor is like finding a good hairdresser. You want to be able to totally relax and enjoy the outcome of the yoga class, and come out feeling like a million bucks. Victoria Randles shares with us the criteria to meet your match. See Finding a Good Yoga Instructor.

yoga instructor

Yoga for Thyroid Problems

Yoga has a favourable effect on the thyroid to regulate the production and release of hormones, which have various physiological effects in the body. Specific yoga poses can stimulate the thyroid and help to boost its functioning. See Yoga for Thyroid Problems.

yoga for thyroid

Yoga to Improve Blood Circulation

Yoga and deep breathing techniques can improve circulation throughout your body, and improve your overall health. Being upside down in inversions pushes fresh blood from our legs down to our hearts, thus improving circulation. See Yoga to Improve Blood Circulation.

headstand yoga

Staying Young with Yoga

Yoga keeps you young from the inside out. In yoga, age is measured not in chronological years but with the saying: You're only as young as your spine. Viki Ackland shares with us one of the best yoga poses to reverse the aging process. It is said to halt aging altogether, induce enlightenment and can even turn grey hair back to its natural colour. See Staying Young with Yoga.


Tips to Choose Good Quality Yoga Clothing

Tim Moore shares with us some tips to help choose good quality yoga clothing. Yoga apparel should feel good and comfortable, and support all the extended movements of the body, while you wear your style. See Tips to Choose Good Quality Yoga Clothing.

yoga clothing

Easing Chronic Back Pain Through Yoga

Chronic back pain is becoming a common health issue these days. Yoga ia a great alternative and complementary theraphy for pain relief. Iyengar yoga focuses on specific muscles groups and uses supportive props which are helpful to ease back pain. See Easing Chronic Back Pain Through Yoga.

yoga for back pain

Yoga for Neck & Shoulders Video

Here is a yoga sequence video for your neck and shoulders. This will help relieve any pain, tension or discomfort in the neck and shoulder area. Great to practice before going to bed. See Yoga for Neck and Shoulders.

yoga for neck

Yoga for Breast Cancer Survivors

Breast cancer is the most common cause of cancer leading to death for women. Yoga, breathing exercises, pranayama and meditation is a good complementary therapy to improve the quality of life in breast cancer patients. See Yoga for Breast Cancer Survivors.

tree pose

Yoga for Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the happiest movement in a woman's life. Yoga can help alleviate pregnancy discomforts, reduce stress levels, improve sleep efficiency and reduce labour pains to maintain a comfortable pregnancy, and an easier delivery. Find out what yoga poses to practice. See Yoga for Healthy Pregnancy.

yoga for pregnancy

Interview with Kasey Arena (Powercakes)

I met with Kasey Arena at the 2012 Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference in Denver, Colorado. She loves to share stories of fitness, clean eating, and healthy recipes on her blog. Her enthusiasm, motivation and inspiration is shown in her dedication to health and fitness. See Interview with Kasey Arena.

Kasey Arena Interview

Boulder Hike Video - Fitness Conference

This day excursion hike in Boulder was part of the 2012 Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference that I got to attend. Sitting on the smooth sun drenched rocks beneath the Royal Arch was definitely the highlight of my trip to Denver. It was so peaceful and incredible and well worth the sweat. See Boulder Hike Video - Fitness Conference.

View from Royal Arch in Boulder