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Yoga Before Bedtime

Here are 6 yoga postures that you can practice in your own bed to help you fall asleep at night. These postures will help relax you, release stress, and calm you down so you can get a good nights sleep. Be sure hold each pose for as long as you can for best results. See Yoga Before Bedtime.

yoga in bed

There's No Place Like 'Om'

Once you get in touch with the happiness inside yourself, you are in a whole new ball game. Victoria Randles shares with us the benefits of 'om', which is a chant that represents the union of body, mind and soul. See There's No Place Like 'Om'.

meditation om

Silluette Cosmetics Review

I had the pleasure of meeting a young entrepreneur who started a holistic care business with amazing beauty products from the dead sea. The natural ingredients used in Silluette Cosmetics are like food for your skin. They provide all the antioxidants and nourishment that your skin needs for a healthy looking glow. See Silluette Cosmetics Review.

Silluette Cosmetics

101 Chakra Quotes

There are seven chakras within the body. Each one represents an important centre of the body's and mind's energy, as well as different stages of spiritual development. The chakras are aligned from root to crown. See 101 Chakra Quotes.

People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is light from within.

Elisabeth Kubler Ross

Silluette Cosmetics

Hotdog Yoga Rollpack Review

I'd like to thank Hotdog Yoga Gear for sending me an awesome yoga bag that's not just for a yoga mat. The Hotdog Yoga Rollpack allows you to pack, wrap and roll everything in an organized fashion, like a hot dog bun. See Hotdog Yoga Rollpack Review.

Hotdog Yoga Rollpack

Why Yoga is a Better Aphrodisiac Than Alcohol

Sleeping with Yogis is way better than sleeping with drunks. Sarah Stevenson shares with us why yoga is a better aphrodisiac than alcohol. Yoga not only makes you feel sensually beautiful inside, it also helps to produce a sensually beautiful body on the outside. See Why Yoga is a Better Aphrodisiac Than Alcohol.


Mother of all Creation

Through the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, learn the importance of being a woman, and why mother earth is a female. The beauty of Mothers and Women are the glue that hold the family, communities and society together. See Mother of all Creation.

mother earth

Beat the Hot Yoga Headache

Jan Dizon, a Bikram yoga practitioner shares with us some remedies on how to beat the hot yoga headache. Your body isn't used to the high temperature at first, and the excessive sweating may cause dehydration. See Beat the Hot Yoga Headache.

hot yoga headache

6 Yoga Poses for Strong Legs

Here are 6 yoga poses for strong legs. Practicing these postures on a regular basis will improve your leg strength and flexibility. You can also add muscular definition to your lower body over time. Be sure to hold each pose for at least 30 seconds, increasing to a minute as you progress for best results. See 6 Yoga Poses for Strong Legs.

yoga for strong legs

One Tooth Yoga Wear Review

I'd like to thank One Tooth Activewear for inviting me to their lovely store in Toronto to try out some yoga wear for review. I was really attracted to their fun and flowery blue/turquoise combination, as it's very unique and stylish. See One Tooth Yoga Wear Review.

One Tooth Yoga Wear

Practice Makes Perfect?

Victoria Randles shares with us how seeking perfection can lead to a path of destruction. There is no freedom in a perfectionist's mind, and the only way out is to surrender. Yoga is a great place to dispel any negative thought patterns in our lives. See Practice Makes Perfect?

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A yogic Transformation of a Cynic

The sassy and outspoken Suzanne Taylor shares with us her yogic transformation, and how the practice of Baptiste yoga taught her a great deal about pushing and respecting her limits, and how to be mindful in doing so. See A yogic Transformation of a Cynic.

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