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Pranayama on the Go?

Shashi Joshi shares with us some pranayama on the go, where you can learn the basics of the Sanskrit language. Certain mantras using nasal sounds can cure most of your headaches in five minutes or less. Learn the acoustic power of a mantra. See Pranayama on the Go?.


7 Yoga Poses for Hips Video

Tight hips are a common problem for most people. The hip tightness is caused by prolonged periods of sitting, either at work, in front of a computer, watching TV, eating your meals or driving. This abundance of sitting shortens and tightens the group of muscles called your hip flexors. See 7 Yoga Poses for Hips Video.

reclined hero pose

5 Reasons to use Chi Kung

It is believed that Chi Kung will become the key path to optimum health, inner peace and balance. Although there are many methods vying for our attention, Chi Kung offers the most integrated and simple methods to reaching this goal. It is also efficient in preventing and healing all illnesses or foreign objects within. See 5 Reasons to use Chi Kung.

Chi Kung benefits

Daily Yoga Stretches

In this video, I'll be showing you a set of daily yoga stretches from head to toe. This is a wonderful sequence that you can practice on a daily basis to help keep you more flexible. Be sure to hold each stretch for about 3-5 breaths. See Daily Yoga Stretches.

daily yoga stretches

Yoga to Improve Posture

No matter how short or tall you may be, your posture adds that extra bit called elegance and poise. Carrying yourself upright and walking with a nice gait raises your stature in height and looks. Yoga can help make you look slimmer, taller and agile. See Yoga to Improve Posture.

perfect posture

A Yogic Perspective for the Aquarian Age

Vera Del Vecchio shares with us how in the Aquarian Age there are no secrets! All information can be found. The Age Motto is: 'be to be.' Let your actions demonstrate wisdom. You can show your wholeness, connect with a larger creative existence, express it and show it with a committed action. See Yogic Perspective for the Aquarian Age.

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Titika Activewear Review

I've recently been revamping my yoga wear wardrobe, and was so cheerfully happy to find Titika Activewear for the first time. I love their bright color choices of yoga wear that have fun, flirty and feminine details. The uniqueness of style is what drew me in initially. See Titika Activewear Review.

Titika Active Wear

Live Raw Recipe Book Review

I'd like to thank Mimi Kirk for sending me her amazing Live Raw Recipe Book. She won PETA's nationwide contest for the title Sexiest Vegetarian Over 50. She is such an inspiration, as she looks so healthy, vibrant and happy for her age. It's unbelievable that she looks amazing at the age of 74.

Eating raw foods provides you with the ultimate nourishment that you need to look and feel younger and healthier. See Live Raw Recipe Book Review.

Live Raw Recipe Book

Yoga and Coping with Death

Death is so uncontrolled and so very inevitable. Yoga can help bring comfort when the tragedy of death comes into our lives, and empowers us with inner strength, focus and an innate sense of joy. See Yoga and Coping with Death.


Improve Sport Performance with Yoga

Yoga can help athletes increase their strength, stamina, focus, flexibility and balance out their bodies after long hard physical training that sometimes causes imbalance as a result of over stretching and over strengthening. See Improve Sport Performance with Yoga.

yoga for sports

Ahnu Karma Shoes Review

I'd like to thank Ahnu for sending me a lovely pair of yoga inspired karma shoes. I just love the plum color, how comfortable they are and how soft the leather is. Perfect for going to yoga classes, as they are light and travel friendly. See Ahnu Karma Shoes Review.

Ahnu Karma Shoes