Posts from March 2012

Bia Brazil Fitness Wear Review

I recently received two lovely workout outfits from Bia Brazil Canada, which are super stylish, colorful and unique. They definitely make a fashion statement. I got to visit their store in Toronto, where I tried on various outfits. See Bia Brazil Fitness Wear Review.

Bia Brazil Wear

The Science of Yoga Review

The Science of Yoga, William J. Broad is an excellent book on the benefits and risks of yoga. There are remarkable findings and true stories that every yoga enthusiast should be aware about. This might change the way you practice yoga. See The Science of Yoga Review.

The Science of Yoga

What is Chi Kung (Qi Gong)?

The Chinese have practiced an art form called Chi Kung, for thousands of years. Wayne Bilyk, practitioner of Chi Kung shares with us how it is used predominantly as a preventative method against many diseases, and has been proven to stimulate the immune system to create optimum health. See What is Chi Kung?

qi gong

Aerial Yoga Video

I was on location at Hot Yoga Wellness in Toronto, where I got to try some Aerial Yoga for the first time. Aerial Yoga is practicing yoga postures from a silk material hanging down from the ceiling. It was so much fun and amazing to be hanging upside down, as I got a rush of endorphins. See Aerial Yoga Video.

aerial yoga

Yoga for Skiing

Yoga is great for skiers, as it can improve balance, flexibility, concentration skills and prevent injury. Here are five yoga postures that are recommended to help improve overall performance for skiers. See Yoga for Skiing.

yoga for skiing

Tea Sparrow Giveaway

It was such a treat for me to receive a herbal tea box from Tea Sparrow, as I love to try out different caffeine free teas. I usually drink Chamomile tea every night, as it's very soothing before going to bed, but after trying out these herbal teas, my taste buds really got a treat. See Tea Sparrow Giveaway.

Tea Sparrow

Win a Free Tea Sparrow Tea Box

Tea Sparrow would like to send a free tea box to one lucky winner. You can choose either a mixed variation of teas, or only herbals.

In order to win a tea box from Tea Sparrow, these are the following steps you have to take:

  1. Add LexiYoga on Twitter.
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  3. Subscribe on YouTube. (Only if you have an account.)
  4. Send a comment through Twitter/Facebook answering this question: What is your favorite tea, and why?

The winner will be announced on Sunday February 26th.

Raw... Is it the way to go?

Viki Ackland shares with us how the benefits of eating raw foods are unbelievable. Endless energy, great skin, renewed sex drive, reduced risk of disease, plus you just feel sexy and confident when you are healthy and fit. See Raw Foods.

raw citrus vegetables

Life Before Birth Review

Life Before Birth by Dr. Arthur Janov is an excellent analogy of how womb life, and the first few months after birth can affect the baby's life far into the future. During pregnancy, the mother's state of being, stress levels, and hormone changes alter the life of the fetus. See Life Before Birth Review.

twins in the womb

SleepOn Review

Most of us don't get the right amount of sleep that we need to properly function during the day and be productive. I received a bottle of Sleepon, which is an all natural vitamin that lowers Cortisol levels in your body, which allows you to sleep faster, stay asleep longer and wake up refreshed. See SleepOn Review.

deep sleep

Restorative Yoga As Complementary Treatment

Carmela Cattuti shares with us how restorative yoga can assist us in healing for any health concern. Whether we experience everyday anxiety or breast cancer, a gentle aware yoga practice will support well-being and balance our energy and reduce anxiety and stress. See Restorative Yoga.

relaxing child pose

PrAna Yoga Wear Giveaway

It was a lovely treat to receive the Abi Top by PrAna. I just love the fact that it has a beautiful artistic print on the front with a unique mix of colors, which makes it more interesting than the usual solid tone colors that you see in most yoga tops. See PrAna Yoga Wear Giveaway.

PrAna Yoga Wear

Win a Free PrAna Yoga Item of Choice

PrAna would like to send a free item of choice (from their website - www.prana.com to one lucky winner. PrAna provides high quality yoga clothing that is fashionable, comfortable and designed to fit the active yoga enthusiast.

In order to win your free PrAna item of choice, please do the following:

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The winner will be announced on Sunday February 12th. Good Luck to everyone!