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Yoga Science

Yoga can be an excellent tool for improving mental and physical health. Those who practiced yoga and other relaxation techniques noted a reduction of symptoms such as anxiety, fatigue, anger and pain. See Yoga Science.

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Yoga in Bali

Bali has a long history and spiritual connection with yoga. The village of Ubud has many yoga sanctuaries and retreats set up for travellers and tourists to come and stay. Find out why it's the ultimate place for relaxation. See Yoga in Bali.

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Yoga as a Tool to Life

Your yoga practice is an opportunity to become more aware of the sensations and rhythm of life: the physical response of your body to certain poses and the state of your emotions. Amanda Whittal shares with us how to extend your awareness beyond the yoga mat. See Yoga as a Tool to Life.

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3 Yoga Poses to Keep you Cool

During the summer heat it's best to engage in gentle and cooling exercises to help keep your internal cooling system working at it's best. Here is a video of 3 yoga postures that will help keep you cool during the summer months. See Yoga Poses to Keep you Cool.

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Yoga Transitions

Carmela Cattuti shares with us how the transitions; space between yoga poses is a passage way full of information about our practice and life. It is said that the pause at the end of an exhale holds wisdom & knowledge. See Yoga Transitions.

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Iyashi Bedrock Spa Giveaway

I got to experience a little taste of Japan - Ganbanyoku, which means rock bathing on a black silica stone bed heated to 44C. Lying on a hot bedrock just warmed my body to the core. I felt like I was on a hot island enjoying the heat, sweating out toxins, impurities and stress. See Iyashi Bedrock Spa Giveaway.

Iyashi Bedrock Spa

Win a Free Bedrock Spa Session

Iyashi Bedrock Spa would like to giveaway a free 90 minute session (Valued at $50.00) to one lucky winner. Both men and women are welcome to participate. This can be your chance to experience 30 minutes of rock bathing, followed by 60 minutes of yin yoga on a heated bedrock.

In order to win your free Bedrock Spa session, please do the following:

  1. Add LexiYoga on Twitter.
  2. Become a fan on Facebook.
  3. Subscribe on YouTube. (Only if you have an account.)
  4. Send a comment through Twitter/Facebook answering this question: Why do you want to experience a Bedrock Spa session?

The winner will be announced on Sunday October 30th. Good Luck to everyone!

Sun Salutations to Balance Chakras Video

With regular practice of sun salutations, you can cultivate your inner and outer energy. It is one of the most unifying and balancing sequences in yoga that can bring your chakras into complete balance. See Sun Salutations Video.

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Manduka Yoga Mat Giveaway

Manduka has been kind enough to send me a lovely blue ProLite yoga mat. It is considered to be a very high end - luxurious yoga mat for serious practitioners. It has a slip resistant, non-sticky grip, and is said to last a lifetime. See Manduka Yoga Mat Giveaway.

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Yoga in College

According to research, college students who participated in yoga showed significant decrease in self-reported anxiety, confusion, tension, anger, and depression. Their mood was also enhanced, which had a huge impact on their outlook and motivation. See Yoga in College.

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Yoga Poses to Start With

Ami Pat shares with us two simple yoga poses for beginners to start with. The word Yog literally means joining or balancing. Yoga connects the mind and body. It's time to teach the beginners how to experience such a connection. See Yoga Poses to Start With.

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