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Champion Shape Wear Review

Champion USA sent me some body shaping and smoothing yoga wear to review. They made my body look so shapely and smooth with the freedom to move and stretch so easily. See Champion Shape Wear Review.

Champion Wear

Yoga and Stress

Viki Ackland shares with us how yoga helped to calm her mind and keep her balanced after a rough break up a few months back. Yoga is great for stress reduction as it quiets the mind, so that you are not always in the moment that is causing negative feelings. See Yoga and Stress.


Yoga for Taxi Drivers

Practicing yoga can take the edge off a busy life for taxi drivers. Being on the road all day can be stressful to the body, mind and spirit. Stress causes many different diseases over a prolonged period of time. See Yoga for Taxi Drivers.


Relaxing to Sleep

Vera Del Vecchio shares with us a routine that can help you fall asleep more quickly and soundly, and ensure a more rejuvenating quality of sleep. This is especially great if you suffer from insomnia. See Relaxing to Sleep.

sleep quotes

Can Yoga Make you Taller?

The fastest and easiest way to look taller and feel better is to change your posture. Standing up tall, and dropping your shoulders can dramatically increase your self confidence, make you look slimmer and more assertive. Find out which yoga postures can give you an instant appearance of being taller.
See Can Yoga Make you Taller?

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5 Yoga Poses for Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is governed by love, creativity and your sense of touch. Here is a video of 5 yoga postures to open your heart chakra and give you the ability to express love to yourself and others. See 5 Yoga Poses for Heart Chakra.

heart chakra quotes video

How to make Kale Chips

Kale chips are a healthy alternative to snacking on potato chips. Here is a lovely recipe thats highly nutritious and makes a tasty snack. I must warn you, they are highly addictive. Once you try one chip, you'll be hooked. See Kale Chips Recipe.

kale chips

Yoga and Staying Young

Those who practice a vigorous form of yoga just three hours a week are investing in maintaining a youthful glow by switching on the anti-aging hormones that slow down the process from the inside out. See Yoga and Staying Young.

yoga and staying young