Posts from June 2011

Been Hair. Done That.

Sometimes women are afraid to part with their hair because of the way they will be viewed by others. Diana Koch shares with us her hair experiences, and her decision to chop it all off. See Been Hair. Done That.


Wise Eyes

Yoga instructor Joy Young shares with us how a correction of her life seemed to be around the concept of suffering. It brought upon an extreme amount of lessons, understanding, growth, deliverance, tears and passion. Found out her story. See Wise Eyes.

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Qualities of Trusted Yoga Teachers

Cathy Geier shares with us a personal list of qualities of what is takes to be a competent, trusted yoga teacher. On the flipside, find out some hurtful incidences that happen during yoga classes. See Qualities of Trusted Yoga Teachers.

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Interview on Yoga - Part Two

Sarah English shares with us part two of her yoga interview with a guy (guinea pig) practicing for the first time. His feedback on yoga is that it's competitive and needs to be painful in order to be worthwhile. See Interview on Yoga - Part Two.

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Transition from Winter to Spring

Amanda Whittal shares with us a truly fascinating view of the changes of the seasons from a yogic angle. Find out the connection between the transition from winter to spring in relation to the changes of our personal worlds. See Transitioning from Winter to Spring.

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Suicide and Death Part Two

Suicide moves from being one option to being the option when meaninglessness grows. Suicide is an attractive and logical solution when the pain and suffering that one is experiencing can't be met in a way that offers relief. Michael Stone shares with us practical ways for working with the energies in us and in others that want to die. See Suicide and Death.

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On Suicide & the Dharma Part One

Suicide is an internal drama that needs expression for it to be resolved. Psychotherapist and Buddhist teacher Michael Stone shares with us the yoga teachings on the fear of death and suicide. See On Suicide & the Dharma.

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