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Yoga & Integrative Medicine for Mood

Sara Gottfried, a Harvard Gynecologista shares with us the secrets on how to deal with mood problems. In the yoga parlance, lack of true self results in low vitality, or low life force, known as prana. See Yoga & Integrative Medicine for Mood.

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Yoga for Cancer Patients

Kristy Dawson shares with us how yoga is a great option for cancer patients. It has the ability to allow patients to cut down the side effects of normal treatment, while experiencing both physical & mental benefits. See Yoga for Cancer Patients.

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Yoga Interview - The First Time

Sarah English shares with us an interview with a guy (guinea pig) who answers a few questions about his first ever series of vinyasas. Introducing him to yoga was a real experiment. Find out what his thoughts are about sadhana. See Yoga Interview - The First Time.

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Guided Meditation

Learn how the power of meditation can have a positive impact on your life. Once you've mastered true meditation, the benefits will reveal themselves. Here is a beautiful guided meditation to help you come to a deep sense of relaxation. See Guided Meditation.

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101 Osho Quotes

Osho is a well known professor of philosophy. His teachings emphasize the celebration of love, meditation, awareness, creativity and humour. See 101 Osho Quotes.


The highest state of Love is not a relationship at all, it is simply a state of your Being. Just as trees are green, a lover is loving. They are not green for particular persons, it is not that when you come they become green. The flower goes on spreading it's fragrance whether anybody comes or not, whether anybody appreciates or not. The flower does not start releasing its fragrance when it sees that a great poet is coming by - 'Now this man will appreciate, now this man will be able to understand who I am.' And it does not close its doors when it sees that a stupid, idiotic person is passing there - insensitive, dull, a politician or something like that. It does not close itself - 'What is the point? Why cast pearls before swine?'. No, the flower goes on spreading its fragrance. It is a state of being, not a relationship...



How many times have you seen yourself involved in confusion and drama due to a misunderstanding created by what people have said to each other? Yesica Pineda shares with us her view on the importance of communication. See Clarity.


4 Yoga Poses to Improve Sleep

It has been claimed that on average, for every minute you do yoga you will need one minute less of sleep. Here are 4 yoga postures to improve sleep and promote relaxation. See 4 Yoga Postures to Improve Sleep.


What It Means to be a Recovering Yogi

Joslyn Hamilton is a recovering yogi. Her experience has helped her come to peace with her limitations and stopped her from seekng perfection. It's been humbling and empowering all at the same time. See What It Means to be a Recovering Yogi.

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