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Warming and Cooling Yoga Stretches

Warming up your body before your yoga practice is important to reduce stiffness and improve circulation. Cooling down exercises allows static muscles to stretch, and enhances flexibility. Here are seven postures designed to absorb all the positive effects of other yoga postures. See Warming and Cooling Yoga Stretches.

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6 Foods for Glowing Skin

Beautiful glowing skin begins in your kitchen. The saying is true you are what you eat. Here are 6 foods that you should include in your diet on a regular basis for healthy glowing skin from within. See Foods for Glowing Skin.


Hormonal Balance with Yoga

Many people suffer from hormonal deficiencies. The good news is that yoga can help rebuild and restore your hormonal imbalances. Find out the magical yoga posture that can help you! See Hormonal Balance with Yoga.

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Kiss your Heart Tea

Lori Nichols Davies at Holistic Cooking shares with us a lovely alkaline herbal tea recipe with ginkgo, ginger, haw thorne berries, cinnamon, cardamom and cloves. This Kiss your Heart Tea will reduce stress and help prevent heart disease. See Kiss your Heart Tea.

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Love your Skin this Winter with...Rich and Raw Oils!

As you get older in chronological terms, it becomes increasingly difficult to digest and utilize the beneficial oils in your foods. Margaret Mackintosh at Beaulance Natural Skin Care shares with us how the use of raw oils on your skin can dramatically improve the condition of your skin allowing far greater absorption. See Love your Skin this Winter with...Rich and Raw Oils!.

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Personal Abyss Through Yoga

Scott Robinson shares with us how the four yoga styles - Karma, Bhakti, Jnana and Raja have become part of his lifestyle and personal abyss. Every yogi's personal sadhana, or spiritual practice, should include all four. Find out his challenges through asana practice and Christian meditation. See Personal Abyss Through Yoga.

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Improve your Posture with Yoga

Having a strong back can improve your posture and make you look taller. The different yoga postures help strengthen and align the spine preventing the slouch back. Here are a few yoga postures that can specifically add strength to you back. See Improve your Posture with Yoga.

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Christmas, Meet Buddhism

It's that time of year again. When the shopping malls flood with people, nightfall prompts a colourful illumination of city streets, and our hearts are filled with love and joy...but wait, why is 'love and joy' last on the list?? Find out how to take the Buddhist approach to Christmas. See Christmas, Meet Buddhism.

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