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Benefits of Meditation

Amanda Whittal shares with us how the power of meditation can have a positive impact on your life. Once you've mastered true meditation, the benefits will reveal themselves, stress will decrease and your overall health and vitality will improve. See Benefits of Meditation.

power of meditation

10 Healthy Summer Cleanse Foods

Marlena Roe, a Colon Hydrotherapist shares with us 10 healthy cleansing foods for the summer season. You'll enjoy these fresh fruit, wonderful rich greens and herbs galore for summer detoxing. See 10 Healthy Summer Cleanse Foods.


Karma Yoga in Toronto

I've been attending karma classes at a few studios for the past few years. There tends to be a spiritual feel to the class, as you're sending out great energy to a good cause. Usually at the beginning of a yoga class, you are told to set an intention for the practice. More and more people are attending these classes, as the trend is catching on. Karma yoga is definitely something to feel good about, as giving leads to inner peace. See Karma Yoga in Toronto.

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The point is to create a system where individuals don't work simply for money or personal gain but to support the planet and its inhabitants in entering the next stage of evolutionary progression.

Spiritual Liberation - Michael Bernard Beckwith

Food for the Brain

Lori Nichols Davies shares with us the importance of eating breakfast. Food is sacred to your well-being - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Find out what you need to start your day! See Food for the Brain.


Yoga Walking

Yoga walking is an ancient yoga technique from India using walking for mental and physical benefits. Vera Del Vecchio shares with us how it changes the rhythms of your body on a cellular level working together with the heart rhythm, visual focus and muscle balance. See Yoga Walking.

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Yoga for Fertility Video

Yoga can help to nourish & rebuild hormonal imbalances. Here are some yoga postures to help stimulate your hormones & prepare your body for conception. You can enjoy these relaxing yoga postures for fertility. See Yoga for Fertility.


Lemon, Garlic, Bee Pollen & Friendly Bacteria

Lori Nichols Davies shares with us how bee pollen, lemon juice, garlic, and broccoli possess some very unique and wonderful health giving properties, if eaten raw. Find out the benefits. See Lemon, Garlic, Bee Pollen & Friendly Bacteria.


Vibration of Food - You are What you Eat

The saying holds true You are what you eat. Food can either help or hinder your health, depending on its vibrational frequency. Dawn James shares with us some high vibration food-buying tips to stimulates your own frequencies, and assist your body in moving energy effectively and efficiently. See Vibration of Food.

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