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101 Romance Quotes

I'd like to share with you 101 romance quotes to inspire you to cherish your heart's desire. See 101 Romance Quotes.

Judge nothing, you will be happy. Forgive everything, you will be happier. Love everything, you will be happiest.


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Keeping a Light Heart

A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be.

Albert Einstein

Amanda Whittal shares with us her experience with setting up high expectations. When learning to embrace a yogic lifestyle, balance and acceptance are emphasized. When it doesn't turn out according to our plan, we feel a state of disharmony and set ourselves up for disappointment and struggle, and ironically lose the balance we are striving to find. See Keeping a Light Heart.

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101 Yogi Bhajan Quotes

When you understand who and what you are, your radiance projects into the universal radiance and everything around you becomes creative and full of opportunity.

Yogi Bhajan

Know that the most neurotic, most ugly situation is simply testing you. It is testing capacity, beyond his control, your flexibility, your adjustment and your character.

Yogi Bhajan

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From when you are young, through middle age, you must grow to the point that you glow, so that your light lets people feel the blessings, the virtues, and the happiness.

Yogi Bhajan

See 101 Yogi Bhajan Quotes.

Homemade Beauty Recipes

Beautiful glowing skin from head to toe can be yours by using homemade beauty recipes, at a fraction of the cost. Real beauty comes from within. Your skin deserves to be nourished from the inside and out. What you put inside your body is just as important as what goes on the outside. I'd like to share with you a homemade beauty recipe that is full of powerful antioxidants to beautify your skin. See Homemade Beauty Recipes.

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Raising Your Roof

One of the hardest things to do in life is to truly look at yourself. When we look at the mirror we think we see our reflection but there is a fog between us and the mirror. The fog represents our past, the laws of our society, the ego, and the burdens we carry that we should have dropped long ago. See Raising Your Roof.

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Yoga Inspirations to Keep the Doctor Away

Vera Del Vecchio shares with us Yoga Inspirations that are full of healing sayings by Yogi Bhajan to inspire and uplift your spirits. Find out how you can offer these words of wisdom to your yoga students in this lovely satin pouch. See Yoga Inspirations.

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Science of Yoga

The practice of yoga can re-shape the energy structure of your body with a new course of energy flow creating a new pattern of harmonious balance. Each yoga posture has its own unified benefits. Learn how to avoid human sickness with yoga. See Yoga for Science.

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Raise your Vibration - Improve your Health

Everything in nature vibrates at different frequencies. In fact quantum physics describes the universe as nothing more than vibrating strings of energy! Dawn James shares with us how to raise your vibration to reduce stress & improve your health. See Raise your Vibration - Improve your Health.

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