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Transformational Benefits of Food, Yoga & Mindfulness

Melina Meza shares with us how nutrition and yoga can create chemical changes in your body, and have the power to nourish and transform your unique being. See Transformational Benefits of Food, Yoga & Mindfulness.

yoga mindfulness

How Much Protein do we Need?

Lori Nichols Davies shares with us the importance of protein and how it can repair and heal your cells. Most people have no clue how much protein they need, as it all depends on your lifestyle. See How Much Protein do we Need?


Yoga for Glutes (Butts) Video

Summer is near, and bathing suit season is right around the corner. Melanie Lilla, (a new Yoga Model from Toronto) demonstrates some simple yoga moves that will tighten and tone your butt. With daily practice, you'll surely see results, and be on your way to a rounder and firmer behind! See Yoga for Glutes (Butts) Video.

Melanie Lilla

Our World. Our Vitality.

Amanda Whittal shares with us how our environment has everything to do with our vitality. As humans, we are constantly seeking to feel whole and complete on all levels of our being. Our persistent attempts at attaining a sense of happiness and vitality have profound implications on our world. See Our World. Our Vitality.

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Harmonics of Yoga

The human body is like an instrument full of vibrations, where every soul is unique. The harmonics of yoga is the practice of using the power of sound to transform energy into a new vibration and shape. See Harmonics of Yoga.

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Yoga Apparel in Toronto

yoga apparel

Toronto streets are filled with women wearing Lululemon yoga pants and outfits. It's not just for yoga anymore, as more and more people are leaning towards comfortable fabrics that flatter your body and accentuate your curves.

I recently purchased this pink Lululemon 'Beat The Heat Dress' that's reversible, and can be worn as a dress, skirt or shirt. With such great versatility and soft fabric on your skin, I'm even considering purchasing another one in a different color for variation. This dress is the most comfortable on the planet!

I would like to share with you my personal experience with yoga apparel in Toronto, where I used to shop before I was introduced to Lululemon, and how I came to love comfortable, stylish and sexy yoga clothes. See Yoga Apparel in Toronto.

Actors have an unusual perspective on clothing. You've really got to know the impact of what you're wearing on the character you're playing.   - Kyle MacLachlan

Raw Foods

Angelina Elliott has been 100% raw for over 10 years. She shares with us how eating raw food helps you to achieve your ideal weight, feel more satisfied, become more energized, and look more radiant and vibrant. See Raw Foods.

raw foods

Benefits of Green Algae

Andrew Zubriczky shares with us how Marine Phytoplankton, which is known as green algae from the sea, is the most densest and richest nutritional food source on the planet. As the saying goes: The future of nutrition is found in the ocean by ocean explorer, Jacques-Yves Cousteau. See Benefits of Green Algae.

green algae

A Yogic & Holistic Perspective

Amanda Whittal shares with us the notion of the human soul. Find out some insight and philosophical talk on the question 'who are we?' from a yogic and holistic health perspective. The greatest 'magic' occurs, when we stop trying to figure out who we are, and just simply be as we are, allowing life to unfold effortlessly before us. See A Yogic & Holistic Perspective.

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