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Key to a Healthy Heart

Many people are unaware of the key to a healthy heart. Research indicates that getting enough magnesium can reduce your risk of heart attack by as much as 25%. Find out the daily recommendation for a healthy heart. See Key to a Healthy Heart.

healthy heart

Yoga Practice & Diet for Spring

Here is a guest post by: Melina Meza, who shares with us some tips on how to change your diet & yoga practice to accommodate the spring season. Learn specific foods & yoga postures to help you be healthy this Spring! See Yoga Practice & Diet for Spring.

yoga for spring

Colour Healing

We are all naturally drawn to certain colours, as each colour makes us feel a certain way. Wether we realize it or not we are affected, and it's a natural instinct to choose specific colours for our clothes, our home and surroundings that we favour. Colours can heal us and correct any imbalances within our body. Even if we're not aware of it. Find out the positive and negative attributes of each colour. See Colour Healing.

colour healing

Balancing Grains, Seeds, & Nuts for Stamina & Energy

Soaking grains overnight before cooking can help release digestive enzymes to increase absorption of vital nutrients to your body. Learn tips from Holistic Teacher Lori Nichols Davies, on how to balance your energy with grains, seeds, nuts & oils for energy throughout your day. See Balancing Grains, Seeds, & Nuts for Energy.


Is Toronto becoming more Spiritual?

Is Toronto becoming more spiritual? Amanda Whittal investigates the soul of our beloved city and what is meant by 'spiritual'? Find out what has recently occurred to spark this spiritual discussion? See Is Toronto becoming more Spiritual?.

spiritual toronto

Practicing Gratitude: Setting your Intention

You can delve even deeper into your yoga practice by simply setting an intention. Anne Calder explains how practicing gratitude can be one of the most astounding ways of expanding your life. See Practicing Gratitude: Setting your Intention.

setting your intention

Can you Change your Luck?

Many people assume that Feng Shui is superstitious and filled with get-rich-quick tips. The question is, can people really change their fortunes and become more financially prosperous? Is it really possible? Laura Morris shares with us how your luck and fortune can be impacted and determined by certain forms of your life.
See Can you Change your Luck?.

gold coins

Partner Yoga: A Deeper Connection or Just Another Money Grab?

Partner yoga is more than just a marketing scheme. You are establishing a deep connection. Amanda Whittal shares with us how the joy of another's presence can expand your relationship to a deeper level. See Partner Yoga: A Deeper Connection.

couples yoga

Trace Minerals from the Sea

There is no better source for trace minerals than the sea. Sea vegetables remove toxic chemicals and heavy metals from the body. We know that the coastal people in Hawaii, Asia, Ireland, Scotland, Iceland, South America, Canada's West Coast and Atlantic provinces have evolved by the sea. Seaweed helped the Irish survive famine. So next time you're out eating Shushi, you can appreciate the benefits of seaweed, so enjoy your Japanese Cuisine! See Trace Minerals from the Sea.


Skin MD Natural Lotion Giveaway

I received a lovely bottle of Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion to try out and review. I've been using it on my face and body the past month, and I must say it's definitely a lovely moisturizing lotion. See Skin MD Natural Lotion Review/Giveaway.

Skin MD Natural

Receive a Free Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion

Skin MD Natural has offered to send out a free 4 oz. Bottle (1-2 month supply with daily use) of their lotion to one person to try out. In order to win your very own lotion, these are the following steps you have to take.

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The winner will be announced on Sunday March 20th. Good Luck to everyone!

The Calcium Conundrum

North Americans consume the highest rate of calcium intake in the world. Ironically they top the global charts with the highest rate of osteoporosis. Find out how The most healthful calcium sources are green leafy vegetables and legumes. See The Calcium Conundrum.